Hótel Eldhestar kynnir Jólahlaðborð 2014

Smelltu hér til að sjá matseðilinn!

Verð kr. 7.900 á mann

Verð með gistingu og morgunmat
kr. 12.900 á mann í tveggja manna herbergi / kr. 15.900 á mann í einsmanns herbergi

Verð fyrir hópa 10 manns og fleiri
kr. 12.500 á mann i tveggja manna herbergi / kr. 15.500 á mann í einsmanns herbergi

21, 22, 28 og 29 nóvember & 5, 6, 12 og 13 desember


EldhestarOn horseback riding tours at Eldhestar we take special pleasure in showing visitors to Iceland the unique wilderness together with the horse. You’ll get to know an Iceland you may not have seen before – the Iceland of 100 or 1000 years ago – endless meadows, rushing glacial streams, hidden valleys, dormant volcanoes, and high mountains. We offer riding tour itineraries that range from one or two hours to several days to suit riders of all ages and abilities. Since our founding in 1986 we have expanded our roster of riding tours to include most of Iceland. You are sure to find the riding tours that’s right for you.

In June 2002 Eldhestar opened a countryside eco-hotel right by the horsefarm. Hotel Eldhestar now has 26 double rooms with all facilities, including internet connection, conference facilities, hot tubs and a dining room for 60 – 70 people. Our goal has been to create a warm and cozy atmosphere and at the same time a luxurious feeling.

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"Best day of Iceland"

Went on the “Valley of hot springs” day tour with my two tennage daughters. We are all very inexperienced hosre riders, but the horses were very calm and friendly. The tour was in a very beautiful landscape, but sometimes on narrow tracks on the hills side. You had better trust the horses in these cases. But they seamed to know their way…

Lunch at the hot spring with a refreshing hot bath in the small mountain creek. Unbelievable!

Very friendly and helpfull staff as well!

“Amazing tour in the wilderness”

Went on the kjölur tour – one week on horseback in the wilderness. It was amazing! Nice people, good food, fun horses and fantastic unspoiled nature. Will come back every year!! :)

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