• Free running herd

Our horses – our most treasured team members!

Here at Eldhestar, our horses are the stars of the show. After all, it is their contribution, their willingness and spirit that make the experience special and we have the right horse for every rider. Friendly, calm and gentle oldies carefully balance our youngest riders. Experienced riders get to enjoy our spirited, forward-thinking tölters. In short, each horse is hand-picked and matched with the rider according to the person’s riding experience. Furthermore, when buying new horses, we pay close attention to both character and gaits to make sure the horse fit our needs.

Three foals in winter coat

The next generation

Fuzzy babies to melt everyone’s hearts

The best way to ensure we have the right type of horses is to breed them ourselves, of course. We conduct a small breeding programme on our farm Vellir and have our share of adorable foals each year. On our breeding pages, you’ll not only get to meet both the mares and their foals but also learn about our approach when it comes to raising the next generation.

Lost your heart to one of our horses?

Every now and then, one of our guests falls in love with their horse and would like to take it home. We value each and everyone one of our horses, of course, and there are some we couldn’t bear to part from. However, we are always happy to have a conversation, if somebody is interested in one of our horses. Have a look at our sales pages for horses that are currently for sale or contact us directly about a particular horse.