The magic of young horses

“Jæja, they are so wonderful” – Hróðmar Bjarnason spending time with the yearlings.

Young horses are hard to resist. They look at us through curious eyes and are eager to learn and play and get into trouble. It is a pleasure to watch them grow, form their individual characters and transform from fuzzy, playful babies to gorgeous, interesting riding horses. The owners and breeders love to be involved in the early stages, teaching the young foals to wear a halter and lift their feet before they are sent out to the field for another few years. When they return to the farm, we entrust them to Ida to teach them all they need to know.  She will base her training on the each horse’s level of maturity and accompany them at each stage, also participating in shows and exhibitions, until they are either ready to join our riding tour operation or sold. We watch their progress with pride and joy and are always happy to point out our newest additions to our guests. Below, you can meet the results of our breeding efforts sorted by year of birth.