Gæfa is particularly near and dear to our hearts. She lost her mummy when she was only a few weeks old so that we bottle-fed her and raised her by hand. Under our care, she has grown into a confident, independent young lady that chooses tölt and loves to come over for a cuddle. She needs a confident rider to match her character, as she will volunteer to take the lead if nobody else does. She is a fast, eager learner and suited for both tour riding as well as competitions. A presumed four-gaiter, Gæfa shows good capacity and speed in all gaits and will learn to carry herself better with further training. In our opinion, her ideal match would be young rider who enjoys a challenge and is looking for a partner to grow with. She is a well-educated horse for her young age and knows all the aids and many of the common dressage exercises. Gæfa has a lot more to give and is nowhere near done with her training.