Erpur frá Völlum

This is Hilmir’s little brother Erpur. We hope that he will develop in the same direction. In spring 2016, a few months before he was supposed to come in for his first training, Erpur caught his leg in a wire and sustained quite a nasty injury. We had to take him into the stable for several months to take care of his injury and present him to the vet at regular intervals. Away from his friends and herd and without anyone to play with, Erpur became quite attached to people during this period as well as used to people doing strange things to him. As a consequence, when we took him in for training a few months later, he was unusually accepting and lacked a bit of energy. The strongest reaction we received while breaking him in was a little hop when we first asked him to trott under the rider. He has a nice big trott and we believe him to be a five-gaiter. If he does find his energy in the future, he will have the potential to do well in competitions.