Some horses are so easy-going, they practically train themselves. Hlín here is a pretty little horse that looks at the world through big, trusting eyes. She is a little insecure and looks to her human to show her that life is safe. Her insecurity translates to friendliness towards people and a tendency to hide behind them. She will go above and beyond to please and basically broke herself in. She easily accepts new challenges and loves to come over for a cuddle. Hlín is a four-gaiter and shows nice gaits with high lift. Her trott is big and elastic, her tölt and canter have a good beat. With more training, her movements will becoming more flowing and even. She likes to carry her head well and enjoys showing off its pretty shape. As a riding horse, Hlín is very safe and shows moderate to medium willingness. We think she’d be the ideal partner for a junior rider looking for a horse with potential, but not too much energy.