Are you looking for a reliable family horse that has demonstrated its steady and friendly character in Eldhestar’s operations? Are you in the market for a spirited partner to train and grow with and eventually conquer the world? Are you looking for your new best friend and companion, a connection to continue through this lifetime and well into the next? Or is it simply a well-trained riding horse to enjoy the outdoors with that you are looking for?

Whichever it might be, we surely have the perfect horse for you among our flock. Please browse our  sales pages and use the buttons below each entry for further information about the corresponding horse or to get in contact with us.

You have found your dream horse on one of our tours and fallen in love but can’t find it on the sales pages? Send us an email, ideally including the name and a picture. If you don’t remember the name and don’t have a picture, please state as many details as you can, such as the horse’s colur, the tour you went on, your riding experience and any specifics you noticed, both in appearance and behavior. Our team of experts will try to identify your horse and we’ll get back to you.

Sær frá Þingholti


SireÆgir frá Litlalandi
DamSjöfn frá Múla
CharacteristicsNatural tölter, easy-going, very attuned to rider. Very nice riding horse, also suitable for medium-level and youth competitions.
PriceOn request

Gæfa frá Völlum

SireArnoddur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu
DamElding frá Skammbeinsstöðum3
CharacteristicsConfident, independent young mare that chooses tölt. Needs confident rider. Fast, eager learner, suited for competitions and pleasure riding
PriceOn request

Hlín frá Völlum

Brown foal

SireAlvar frá Brautarholti
DamElding frá Njálsgerði
CharacteristicsFriendly, safe four-gaiter with wonderful personality and good potential. Eager learner with lovely gaits and balanced temper. Needs a confident rider to make her feel safe.
PriceOn request

Muninn frá Völlum

SireÞröstur frá Hvammi
DamGunnvör frá Hvítárholti
CharacteristicsGreat riding horse with forward-going personality and easy-going character, five-gaited with big movements and soft tölt in all speeds.
PriceOn request