What to bring for half day and day tours

  • Sturdy shoes, good sneakers or hiking boots that are not very broad are fine.
  • Comfortable pants (riding pants are not necessary).
  • We recommend gloves and a thin hat under the helmet  (“buff” is well suited).
  • If  you would like to bring small items such as a camera you should bring a small waist bag, back packs can not be taken on horseback.
  • For day tours in summer we recommend sun lotion, sun glasses (also if partly clouded)  and a fly net (not necessary on windy days).
  • On rainy days and on day tours during the winter season we recommend to bring extra clothing such as socks, gloves and hat in case you get wet during the ride.

What to bring for multi-day tours

  • Warm clothes in layers (long underwear, woolen socks, scarf, gloves, woolen sweater or fleece, wind- and waterproof jacket). Eldhestar provides good rain gear.
  • Thin hat to wear under the helmet, “buff” is well suited. You can buy a “buff” at Eldhestar.
  • Sleeping bag. We recommend a small pillow and a bed sheet if you use your sleeping bag as a blanket. A sleeping bag is not needed for tours with all nights at Hotel or Guesthouse Eldhestar.
  • A small waist bag (not a backpack!) for using when riding. (Backpacks are bumpy when you are riding and may hurt you if you fall off).
  • Swimwear and towel.
  • Riding pants (If you don’t have riding pants, any seamless tight garment will do), for long tours you should bring two pants suitable for riding.
  • Riding or hiking boots which should be comfortable with a thick sole for walking over rocks. Hiking boots are fine if they are not too broad for the stirrups. High riding boots might get uncomfortable, rubber boots are not necessary.
  • Sun lotion
  • Sun glasses (also for long tours to protect eyes from dust).
  • Fly net (can be purchased at Eldhestar).
  • Band-aids and second skin plasters for chaffing.
  • Some comfortable clothes and shoes (slippers) for using in the evening, after the riding. Normal street clothes are not necessary except for your stay in Reykjavik the last night.
  • Your travel insurance card/information.

Please do not use large and bulky suitcases as we have limited space in the trailer. If you need more luggage for travelling in Iceland before / after the tour you are welcome to store it at Hotel Eldhestar during the tour.
You might experience temperatures close to 0°C as well as”T-shirt weather”, please be prepared! You find more information about climate in Iceland here

Used boots, riding wear, saddlebags etc. must be disinfected before arrival in Iceland. This is because infectious diseases can easily be brought into the country, which pose a great danger for the horses. Riding wear is normally washed, and shoes, helmets and security wests are cleaned with iodine or some other fluid disinfectant.
Used riding gloves and all used leather articles (e.g. chaps) are prohibited.

Disinfection instructions from the Icelandic Food and Veterenary Authority

Eldhestar provides the following:

  • Safety helmets
  • Rain wear (pants and jackets)
  • During the wintertime we also provide warm overalls