New look of lobby area

The lobby area at Hotel Eldhestar, which was expanded last spring, got newly furnished with Icelandic design just in time for Christmas.
We are very pleased to be able to offer our guests such a spacious, cozy sitting area!

Youngsters completed basic training

Our youngsters born in 2013 recently completed their basic training, a group of promising mares and geldings who are eager to learn.

They spent about 8 weeks at the farm and have now returned to our herd, happy to meet with their friends for another year of playing in the freedom of large meadows.  This allows our young horses to further develop both physically and mentally before their training continues.  It is amazing to see how much stronger and more mature they return!

Some of them will join our herd of tour horses, others will be sold.


Their  fathers are well known, highly judged first prize stallions:

Erpur frá Völlum – F: Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli (total score 8.41) / M: Fiðla frá Stóra-Vantsskarði

Moli frá Völlum – F: Kappi frá Kommu (total score 8,51) / M: Hiða frá Halakoti

Sinfónía frá Völlum – F: Seiður frá Flugumýri (total score 8,69) / M: Kátina frá Flugumýri

Vallarsól frá Völlum – F: Álfur frá Selfossi (total score 8,46) / M:  Náttsól frá Fellsmúla

Hvammur frá Völlum – F: Álfur frá Selfossi / M: Ópal frá Hvammi

Hremsa frá Völlum –  F: Glæsir frá Litlu-Sandvík (total score 8,11) / M: Bíra frá Svínafelli

Iðja frá Völlum – F: Þeyr frá Akranesi (total score 8,55) / M: Gleði frá Áslandi

Elmur frá Völlum – F: Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli (total score 8.41) / M: Elding frá Njálsgerði


As promised earlier this autumn, here are some pictures!


Would you like to know more about our horses, or have you decided to become the owner of an Icelandic horse – or have even started to collect them..?

Have a look at our new pages Eldhestar Breeding and Horses For Sale!

These pages are currently updated with information about more horses.








Hvanneyri Agricultural School – 60th Anniversary

In the last century, the Agricultural School of Hvanneyri was the largest and most well-renowned agricultural school in Iceland. It attracted students from all over the country. For many students, the highlight of the year was the competition in breaking in and training young horses which took place in spring. This competition is called “Skeifukeppni”. The day of Skeifukeppni on which the various prizes are awarded is a true funfair for students of all levels.

The prizes include awards from the Trainers Association (FT) and the popular Morgunblaðsskeifan, the latter going to the student who receives the highest average score in the practical riding examination. The Morgunblaðsskeifan has been awarded annually since 1957 and it is considered a great honor to receive the “Shoe”. Some of its recipients later became known as the most talented riders of the country.

Award recipients at Hvanneyri's 60th anniversary

Winners from oldest to most recent

For the winners, this prize opened many doors in the field of professional horsemanship. They would be entrusted with the better horses and were given the task to train them. These where the horses the owners had great hopes for and that were expected to do well in future competitions.

This spring (21st April 2016), the school’s riding club „Grani“ turned 60 years old. In order to celebrate this anniversary, all previous winners, i.e. the winners of the past 59 years, were invited once more.

The picture shows the winners that attended the celebration, from oldest to the left to most recent on the right. If you look closely, you might be able to identify two of Eldhestar’s founders.  Hróðmar won the competition in 1979 and his brother Sigurjón won two years later in 1981.

New Brochure 2017

Eldhestars new brochure  for 2017 can now be downloaded, please click here!

For summer 2017, we have added our new Combo Tour, „Bike & Ride“ (tour 4a).  This tour will be operated in cooperation with our partner „Reykjavik Bike Tours“ located at the old harbor in Reykjavik, who welcomes our guests in the morning for a Classic Reykjavik Bike Tour on excellent bicycles. Afterwards, we will take our guests from the harbor to Eldhestar for an afternoon riding tour.
We also introduce a new tour for winter, spring and fall in the brochure, „Family Vacation“ (tour 33). This tour is designed for families who might have different interests, and we offer child reduction for children up to 17 years. The program can be booked for 3 or 5 nights, either with hotel- or guesthouse accommodation. The  tour page will be online soon.
Hotel Eldhestar now offers 37 spacious rooms as 10 comfortable new rooms were added in 2016. We would like to emphasize that non-riders are very welcome at Hotel Eldhestar. There is plenty to do and see in the area, several tours and activities can be booked with pickup from Eldhestar and we offer transportation to Reykjavik free of charge for our guests.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, we are happy to assist you!
For the Danish brochure please click here.

New stable and autumn life

Our farm Vellir has changed a bit within the last years, and certainly a lot since the beginning of Eldhestar in 1986! Since 2008, we have added a new stable, the guesthouse, the riding hall, the new part of the restaurant and 10 new rooms.

In the first week of September, the constructors arrived again, but this time for the horses. The stable will be expanded, so more horses can be accommodated for training and courses during the winter season. The new stable with 12 new boxes and a spacious area for the farriers will be ready to use just in time for the beginning of the training season in December.

The summer season has ended with the last tour „Around the Volcano“ last week, and guests on the first winter tour „Northern Lights Grand Tour“ will arrive tomorrow. We enjoyed stunning Northern Lights and golden autumn days with sunshine and crisp air last week end, and expect this beautiful weather to continue for the whole week.

Most of our horses left for their well deserved vacation. It is such a joy to see their happiness when they step out of the trailer and realize that they are finally out on the endless fields again. Their colleaguses back home have a nice time on the „cozy field“, the large area around the hotel used for haymaking, and a sort of wellness area for our horses in September

This time of the year is exciting as we always take in our young horses. Ida teaches them the basics, and after their first steps with the rider the get to spend another year in freedom with the herd. Pictures will come soon!

Meanwhile, we are busy preparing next season with some tours getting quickly fully booked. Please contact us if you would like to reserve a spot, the availability list is regularly updated.

The brochure 2017 is ready and will be online by the end of the week!


Tour dates summer 2017

The dates for all our multi-day tours in summer 2017 are now online!

You find the dates on the tour pages for  Shorter Tours (3-5 days), Longer Tours (5-7 days) and Wilderness Tours (6 days).

For further information and booking please send us an e-mail.




Some 6-7 day-tours open for booking again!

Are you spontaneous and still looking for an adventure this summer?

We got a few spots released on our most popular tours, so the following departures are now available again:

Tour 19 Wilderness tour Sprengisandur, 6 days riding starting on July 6 (2 spots), see detailed description here.

Longer Tour 14 Golden Highlights of the South 7 days  riding starting on August 19 (1 spot) and August 28 (2 spots), see detailed description here.

For information and booking please contact us!

Eldhestar Local 2016


The third Eldhestar Local staff competition took place in our riding hall on Saturday, April 23. This year we had 20 riders participating, many of them with new horses, some bought by Eldhestar and some owned by our staff members.

Each rider had to show a full loop in slow tölt, followed by a loop in slow tölt on the small sides and faster tölt on the long sides and finally high speed tölt. In the finals, this program had to be shown in both directions. Quite a challenging program, especially for those riders and horses who took part in a competition for the first time.

We had a great time training together, competing and enjoying delicious food á la Nico.

We congratulate the winner Anna Kronhed with her mare Dögg frá Strandarhjáleigu!

The results were the following:


1. Anna Kronhed (Sweden) / Dögg frá Strandarhjáleigu, owner Anna Kronhed, F: Sær frá Bakkakoti, 5,75

2-3. Marieke Huurenkamp (Netherlands) / Klettur frá Horni I, owner Eldhestar, F: Hamur frá Þóroddsstöðum, 5,50

2-3. Louisa Hansen (Denmark) / Brana frá Mosfellsbæ, owner Eldhestar, F: Álfasteinn frá Selfossi, 5,50

4. Simone Nielsen (Denmark) / Skörungur frá Kánastöðum, owner Eldhestar, F: Garpur frá Auðholtshjáleigu, 5,42

5. Jóhanna Bettý Durhuus (Iceland) / Steini frá Jórvík, owner Jóhanna Bettý Durhuus, F: Gnýr frá Árgerði, 4,75


6. Annina Wilhelm (Germany) Birna frá Ásbrú, owner Eldhestar, F: Ás frá Ásmóti, 5,50

7. Marianne Giesswein (Austria) / Sörli frá Sauðanesi, owner Irina Fjóla Jónsdóttir, F: Kjarkur frá Sauðanesi, 5,00

8. Lea Wiesendanger (Switzerland) / Ösp frá Grásteini, owner Eldhestar, F: Orri frá Þúfu, 4,58

9. Smári Sæmundsson (Iceland) / Saga frá Völlum, owner Smári Sæmundsson, F: Glóðar frá Reykjavik, 4,50

10. Corinna Frahm (Germany) / Gjósta frá Heiði, owner Corinna Frahm, F: Dynur frá Hvammi, 4,42

All results

11. Atli Már Atlason (Iceland) / Seðill frá Flekkudal, owner Atli Már Atlason, F: Fáfnir frá Fagranesi

12. Sonja Weinberg (Germany) / Víðir frá Flagbjarnarholti, owner Eldhestar, F: Tónn frá Torfunesi

13. Yngve Söderstrand (Sweden) / Ör frá Strandarhjáleigu, owner Yngve Söderstrand, F: Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum

14. Lisa Gerstenmeyer (Germany) / Finnur frá Hala, owner Eldhestar, F: Þytur frá Neðra-Seli

15. Johanna Nilsson (Denmark) / Peli frá Enni, owner Eldhestar, F: Kvistur frá Enni

16. Ida Lungnér (Denmark) / Breki frá Brúnum, owner Eldhestar, F: Ægir frá Móbergi

17. Martina Cervenková (Slovakia) / Ófelía frá Hurðarbaki, owner Eldhestar, F: Andvari frá Ey

18. Ida Thorborg (Denmark) / Hrist frá Völlum, owner Hróðmar Bjarnason, F: Þröstur frá Hvammi

19. Nicolas Gadanyi (Germany) / Geysir frá Velli II, owner Nicolas Gadanyi, F: Glæsir frá Litlu-Sandvík

Guest rider:

Brigitte Baumgartner (Switzerland) /Huginn frá Völlum, owner Brigitte Baumgartner, F: Þröstur frá Hvammi

Spring at Eldhestar

Spring has officially arrived in Iceland with the first golden plover, the bird marking the end of winter, spotted about two weeks ago, a bit late this year. This time when the birds return into awaking nature, causing the only, very welcome noise on the quiet,  bright evenings is very special and great for riding along meadows and rivers surrounding Eldhestar.

The winter season is just about to come to an end with the last groups of the Northern Light Tours and the Winter Riding Course currently enjoying their stay at Eldhestar. We will continue to offer the Winter Riding Course with both a 3-day program and a 5-day program next season, the dates for can be found on the tour pages.

The last months were quite busy in the stable with daily riding tours, often in great winter weather and snow until mid March. Training of young horses and basic training of foals went very well and it will be interesting to see how the offspring of the relatively young breeding line of Eldhestar will do in the future. Now we are very much looking forward to welcoming this year’s folas! We will soon add information about the Eldhestar breeding and introduce the horses on our website.

As every year, many new tour horses will join our team in the summer season and we look forward to getting to know them better.

On Saturday, April 23 the third Eldhestar Local Tölt competition will take place in our riding hall. We expect even more participants then last year and interesting new horses as some of our staff members will compete on their own horses for the first time and we will see some youngsters from Eldhestar breeding as well. Of course visitors are welcome to cheer. The local riding club Ljúfur also uses our riding hall for competitions and a riding course for children this spring and summer, so there is often something going on at Eldhestar.

The construction work at Hotel Eldhestar will be finished soon with 10 new rooms opening on May 1st. In April we started introducing something which is becoming increasingly popular in Reykjavik but has not been known in South Iceland so far: Sunday Brunch! We were very happy to see how many Icelandic families with children visited us for the first brunch. Brunch will be offered until the end of May and again in September with the possibility of brunch & riding and  horse riding for children.