Eldhestar Brochure 2015

Eldhestars new brochure for 2015 can now be downloaded on the website! Please click here.

When the summer had come to an end with the sheep round up as last highlight of the season and most of our horses started their long winter vacation in the freedom of vast fields we were already busy planning next season.In summer 2015 we will offer a new tour including four days of riding in the best riding areas in the South and Southwest of Iceland, “Eldhestar Exclusive” (Tour 8f). This tour is recommended for experienced riders wishing to spend exciting days on horseback in small groups and enjoy the comfort of our Hotel Eldhestar in the evenings.

The brochure 2015 also includes information about our program for the period October 2014 – May 2015. Winter time is riding season in Iceland and our guests can choose between most of our half-day-tours, day-tours and combo-tours as well as special shorter winter-tours with riding, activities, relaxing and – with a little luck – the stunning Northern Lights above our farm.

Guests interested in photography will find an interesting new program “Riding & Photography Course” (Tour 35) in May 2015.

We have decided to offer accommodation at Guesthouse Eldhestar in fall, winter and spring. Guests who would like to book our popular tour “Nature’s Pleasures and Rider´s Treasures” (Tour 8a / Tour 8b) are now welcome to stay either in our hotel or in the guesthouse.

Of course you can also contact us regarding your tailor-made vacation at Eldhestar.

Progress of Construction


The last weeks have been unusually warm and it has not been snowing yet in our area, so the construction work at Hotel Eldhestar is going very well. The huge, water-filled hole in has disappeared quickly  and was replaced with a solid foundation, and now the concrete floor of our new dining area, kitchen and office is already finished.

Our local construction company obviously has had some experience with our neighbors, the elves, who are known to be not amused about construction work and might even damage machines (as a matter of fact). But this time, the ghosts will scare them away…

Hotel Eldhestar received award for outstanding performance

Hotel Eldhestar has received the award for an outstanding performance during the year 2014. This award is given to farms within Icelandic Farm Holidays and is based on guest reviews and special qualities. We would like to thank our guests for your positive feedback!


New Booking System

Now we are working together with the specialist to put up a booking system on our website. This will be for the tours 1A and up to tour 6 to start with.

At this moment it looks as if there is now availability, but that is not the case. Until it is fully working you are welcome to contact our office for bookings by phone +354 480 4800 or by email: info@eldhestar.is.

Do not let the status of the booking machine fool you as we do have availability each day!

Eldhestar staff

Construction Time!

We like to build at Eldhestar! Hotel Eldhestar is only 12 years old, built in 2002 and enlarged in 2005. Our new stable was opened in 2009, the guesthouse 2010 and the riding hall 2012. Last year we added one staff house. Now it is construction time again. Next spring our guests will enjoy our delicious food cooked in a brand-new kitchen in a spacious restaurant, and our staff will move in a new office.


Summer Riding School

 The local horse-club “Ljúfur” offers riding courses for children every summer, operating a riding school at our stable in the evening. For the past three weeks, children as young as 5 years from Hveragerði and the area Ölfus have been learning the basics of riding on our gentle horses. The riding instructor Hugrún Jóhannsdóttir, who is a well known teacher both in Iceland and abroad,  always has plenty of ideas for games on horseback,  and it is a joy to watch the children having fun and learning with our horses.


The summer season begins!

Some days ago participants on our last winter riding tour “Riding Tours and Riding Course” enjoyed a morning ride in sunny spring weather before returning to Denmark, and tomorrow we will welcome our first guests in this year’s summer season!

They will be riding for 3 days in the fascinating landscape of the volcano Hengill on the tour “Around the Volcano”, enjoying nature that  just awakens in green valleys with views of black lava and still snow-covered mountains. Already next week another “Around the Volcano” tour will start, followed by the first tour into the beautiful valley Thórsmörk starting on May 28th. The first “Best of Eldhestar” tour will also start in May, covering some of the most popular areas in the Southwest.

We are very busy preparing for the summer, training our horses to get them into shape for the long tours and making sure all the equipment will be ready. It is always an exciting time in May when we welcome about 200 horses back from their long winter vacation and also get to know some new ones. Of course we are also welcoming our summer staff members, many of them returning back and already well known.

We are looking forward to the warmer days, bright summer nights and all the time spent with our guests and the horses in the outdoors!

Open Day at Eldhestar

On April 5th, we welcomed many guests on the Open Day at Eldhestar which was part of the event “Secrets of the South”. The program included special offers for riding tours and accommodation, a horse show and free riding for children, which was very popular.

Of course visitors are always welcome to have a look around, pet our horses and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and home baked cake while watching what’s going on in our riding hall.

Staff Competition

Last Friday, March 28th, the first „Eldhestar Local“ tölt competition took place in our new riding hall. The idea to this event came up after wintertraining had started in January and we thought it would be fun to train together for a tournament and also get some valuable feedback from judges about our performance.

Eldhestar‘s stable crew participated mostly with horses owned by Eldhestar and the office crew got the chance to train their own horses at our excellent facilities for a few days before the competition.

Every participant had to ride individually, showing slow tölt, then changing direction and showing speed changes and fast tölt. In the finals, this programm had to be shown in both directions.

We enjoyed this event so much that we are already planning Eldhestar Local 2.

We congratulate the winner Marlene Thies with Suðri frá Reykavík!


The results were the following:


1.Marlene Thies (Germany), Suðri frá Reykjavik

F: Suðri frá Holtsmúla 1, Owner: Eldhestar


2.Anna Kronhed (Sweden), Klettur frá Horni I

F: Hamur frá Þóroddsstöðum, Owner: Eldhestar


3. Marianne Giesswein (Austria), Kristall frá Sauðanesi

F: Nökkvi frá Hafnarnesi, Owner: Marianne Giesswein


4. Mirjam Wolfschlag (Germany), Skörungur frá Kanastöðum

F: Garpur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu, Owner: Eldhestar


5. Lena Marie Bastian (Germany), Birna frá Ásbrú

F: Ás frá Ármóti, Owner: Eldhestar


6. Hlöðver Ólafsson (Iceland), Laufa frá Minni-Borg

F: Samúel frá Þjótanda, Owner: Hlöðver Ólafsson



7. (shared) Caroline Aldén (Sweden), Stjarni frá Fljótshólum

F: Ás frá Breiðholti í Flóa, Owner: Eldhestar


7. (shared) Jennifer Hemp (Germany), Aría frá Efri-Gegnishólum

F: Týr frá Bræðratungu, Owner: Jennifer Hemp


9. Lydia Essl (Germany), Breki frá Brúnum

F: Ægir frá Móbergi, Owner: Eldhestar


10. Jóhanna Bettý Dushuus (Iceland), Píla frá Runnum

F: Geisli frá Sælukoti, Owner: Jóhanna Bettý Dushuus


11. Lina Jakobsson (Sweden), Kyndill frá Litla Garði

F: Númi frá Þóroddsstöum, Owner: Eldhestar


12. Fríða Rut Stefánsdóttir (Iceland), Oðinn frá Þorlákshöfn

F: Þristur frá Þorlákshöfn, Owner: Fríða Rut Stefánsdóttir




New Riding Trail

Just before winter arrived again with heavy snowfall and storm (which of course did not keep our guests from riding), our „Handyman“  together with some neighbours finished hard work, and we are extremely happy about the result! So we proudly introduce a brandnew, excellent riding trail through the lava field close to our farm. Many of our guests know the narrow path and have admired our surefooted horses for finding their way safely through the about 10000 years old lava. This improvement means that we can ride tölt almost all the way on our popular Heritage tour :).