Sónata frá Völlum

Sónata came to us as an oddly-shaped little sausage with legs. From the start, she was a fast eager learner who reacted well to everything, worked through issues by herself and always made an effort to figure out what was expected of her. Our little black pearl, as she is known these days, has a wonderful character with lots of spark, power and willingness. During her first five weeks of training, she showed good gaits, but not a single step of tölt, so we decided to take her in once more a few months later, instead of waiting another year. When she came back for more training in January, all she would do is tölt and tölt and tölt. And then she tölted some more. As a four-year old, Sónata started looking like a proper horse and the ugly little duckling turned into a beautiful black swan.

In summer 2017, Sónata was presented to the judges and we were incredibly proud when she received first prize with a total score of 8,11. Her score for ridden abilities is 8,13 with 9 for tölt, spirit and general impression. The rider was Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson, who became world champion in Tölt T1 a few weeks later. Ida Thorborg, who got her education at the University of Horse Equine Sciences in Hólar and is responsible for training all our young horses, did an excellent job preparing Sónata for her first breeding show!