Sýr frá Völlum

Sýr is a playful young mare and a bit of a slow learner. In his first year, she paid attention to everything but her trainer and always found something more exciting than the lesson at hand. It was fun to watch her goof around while being longed and doing silly little jumps. She didn’t appreciate the girth at all, when we first put a saddle on her. Like Sónata. we gave her a short break after her first weeks of training and then took her back in to see if she had grown up a bit in the meantime. And she had. After a few additional weeks of training, she suddenly started thinking and processing her lessons and focused more on the rider and her trainer. These days, she is well on her way to becoming a lovely horse with big gaits. Sýr is pretty, friendly and trusting; last time we went to the field to pick up some horses, she jumped on the trailer by herself. Sýr is a five-gaiter and chooses tölt.