The Eldhestar Team

Hróðmar Bjarnason

Hróðmar, one of the founders and owners of Eldhestar, takes care of the entire Eldhestar organisation. He is an economist, has worked with horses in Iceland and abroad and also enjoys guiding wilderness tours.

Sigurjón Bjarnason

Sigurjón, one of the founders and owners of Eldhestar, breeds Icelandic horses at the farm Fellsmúli and works as a school principal. In summer he guides wilderness tours.

Þorsteinn Hjartarson

Thorsteinn is one of the founders and owners of Eldhestar. He is director of education in the municipality of Árborg and also guides longer and wilderness tours in summer.

Smári Sæmundsson

Smári has been one of Eldhestar´s co-owners since 1995, has been assisting in running the farm at Vellir and is working as a driver.

Hulda Svandís Hjaltadóttir

Hulda Svandís, from Iceland, started working at Eldhestar in 2014. She works at the office, taking care of book keeping and accounting.

Jóhanna Bettý Durhuus

Jóhanna, from Iceland, started working as a guide at Eldhestar in 2012 and joined the office team in 2014.

Tammy Jónsson

Tammy, from the United States, started working in the Eldhestar office in 2016.

Svetlana Simanova

Svetlana, from Russia, joined Eldhestar in 2009. She is responsible for the restaurant and housekeeping.

Nicolas Gadanyi

Nico, from Germany, has worked at Eldhestar since 2009. He started as a guide and is now the Chef at Hótel Eldhestar.

Ida Thorborg

Ida, from Denmark, has worked at Eldhestar since 2008 with a 3 year-long break for her studies at Hólar University of Horse Sciences. She works as trainer and instructor at Eldhestar and is responsible for the horses.

Anna Kronhed

Anna, from Sweden, joined Eldhestar in 2011. She is one of our main guides and is responsible for the horses at the farm.

Marieke Huurenkamp

Marieke, from the Netherlands, started working at Eldhestar in 2014. She is responsible of the stable and is guiding tours.

Hlöðver Ólason

Hlöðver, from Iceland, started working as a guide at Eldhestar in 1990. After a 10 years break he joined our team again in 2013, now working as driver and taking care of all kind of tasks around the farm.

Vésteinn Sigurjónsson

Vésteinn, from Iceland, has spent many summers working for Eldhestar. He now works as farrier, driver and guide during his breaks from University.

Atli Már Atlason

Atli Már, from Iceland, joined Eldhestar in 2014. He now works part-time as farrier, driver and guide while studying.

Stefán Erlendsson

Stefán, from Iceland, is a childhood friend of the founders of Eldhestar. He works as a teacher and guides multi-day tours at Eldhestar in summer.

Corinna Frahm

Corinna, from Germany, has spent several summers working at Eldhestar, she is guiding multi-day tours.

Ulrike Schubert

Ulrike, from Germany, has worked for Eldhestar since 2001, first all year round and now guiding multi-day tours during the summer time.

Susanne Carlsson

Susanne, from Sweden, has spent many summers guiding multi-day tours at Eldhestar.

Daniel van der Blij

Daniel, from Sweden, started working for Eldhestar in 2001. He is a professional farrier who teaches horse shoeing in Sweden and regularly returns for shoeing and guiding at Eldhestar.

Mirjam Wolfschlag

Mirjam, from Germany, has spent a year working at Eldhestar in 2014 and regularly returns for guiding tours during her university breaks.

Johanna Weissensteiner

Johanna, from Austria, works at the restaurant and the reception. She has been working at Eldhestar with breaks since 2013.

Pavla Žeravíková

Pavla, from the Czech Republic, works at the restaurant and the reception. Like Johanna, she keeps on returning to Eldhestar since her first visit 2014.

Toni Stansfield

Toni, from England, first came to Eldhestar in 2011 and regularly returns for a few months, mainly guiding multi-day tours for Eldhestar.

Sarah F. Wulf

Sarah, from Germany, regularly returns to Eldhestar to work as a guide.