Tour 7 – Volcano Contrasts

A two-day tour in the area around Eldhestar. You stay at our hotel or guesthouse… more →

Duration 2 days and 2 nights
Riding 2 days – 38 km

Hotel accommodation (Tour 7H)
Guesthouse accommodation (Tour 7G)

Departure from Reykjavik every day at 17.30.
Available all year round – see winter program!

 Tour 8a/b- Nature´s Treasures and Rider’s Pleasures

On this tour we spend 3 or 4 days riding on scenic… more →

Duration 3-4 days and 3-4 nights
Riding 3-4 days –  55-65 km

Hotel accommodation

Departure from Reykjavik every Sunday and Thursday at 17.30.

Available all year round – see winter program!

 Tour 8c- The Best of Eldhestar

On this tour our guests enjoy the best daytours from our shorter and longer tours… more →

Duration 4 days and 4 nights
Riding 4 days – 100 km

Hotel accommodation

 Tour 8f- Eldhestar Exclusive 

We have selected the most scenic riding trails in Iceland’s South and Southwest for this new… more →

Duration 4 days and 4 nights
Riding 4 days – 85 km

Hotel accommodation

 Tour 9 – Around the Volcano

During this tour you experience unique nature and geology of Iceland on horseback… more→

Duration 4-5 days and 3-4 nights
Riding 70 km – 3 days

Hotel accommodation (Tour 9H)
Guesthouse accommodation (Tour 9G)

 Tour 10 – Thórsmörk

This tour provides the opportunity to experience the variety and beauty of Icelandic… more →

Duration  6 days and 5 nights
Riding 90 km – 4 days

Guesthouse and sleeping bag accommodation

 Tour 11 – Krýsuvík and the Blue Lagoon

This tour offers magnificent views, first over South Iceland and glaciers… more →

Duration 6 days and 5 nights
Riding 100 km – 4 days

Guesthouse and sleeping bag accommodation

 Tour 12 – Thingvellir and around Lake Thingvallavatn

We begin this tour from our farm Vellir. On the way to the ancient site… more →

Duration  7 days and 6 nights
Riding 125 km – 5 days

Guesthouse and sleeping bag accommodaion

Shorter Tours

Shorter tours (2-5 days) are ideal for guests who would like to combine horseback riding with other activities during their vacation in Iceland. Participants experience a selection of the most beautiful places in Iceland, for example the national park Thingvellir, the beautiful, hidden valley Thórsmörk, and the area around the volcano Hengill, with amazing valleys and hot springs.

Please note:

  • Please contact us for booking.
  • All tours start with pick up from BSI bus terminal between 17:30 and 18:00.
    Pickup from hotels and guesthouses is available on request.
  • These tours are suited for riders of all levels. Participants must be in good physical condition as we cover distances of 18-25 km per day and ride a lot of “tölt”, the special gait of the Icelandic horse (about trot speed) and must be able to mount a horse with little assistance (no mounting aid such as block or rock can be provided). Every rider is responsible for evaluating the own riding ability and physical condition. If you are not sure, please contact Eldhestar for booking.
  • Dinner on the last evening (last riding day) is not included.
  • The riding routes are subject to weather conditions and can be changed.
  • You find information about what to bring here.
  • You find the price list here.