Vallarsól frá Völlum

Vallarsól, the sun of the valley or of our farm Vellir, held some surprises for us. When we picked her up from the field to take her in for training, we had to lift her into the trailer, as she had made up her mind not to go. We half expected her to be a stubborn and slightly annoying horse that we would have to struggle with for every little step forward. However, as of her second training session, she was there, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to work. Vallarsól has lots of power and uses her short legs to make big steps. She is going to be a very forward-going horse that shows great promise for breeding shows and competitions. As we hope to keep the old bloodline of Hvoll farm alive through her and her offspring, she has a future in breeding.

Vallarsól was presented at the breeding show in Hella in summer 2017, and got an excellent score with 7.93 for ridden abilities with four gaits shown, and a total evaluation of 7.89. Perhaps not surprisingly, she received 9 for spirit. It will be exciting to see how this young mare improves even more!