Welcome to Eldhestar

We are located on the farm Vellir. From this unique location between volcanoes, rivers and the ocean, our riding tours take us through scenic landscapes in the heart of Iceland‘s south-western countryside. The area around the volcano Hengill with its beautiful valleys, hot springs and the chance to bathe in natural warm water is ideal for horseback riding. This is also what inspired our name: Volcano Horses, or Eldhestar in Icelandic.

Since the beginning of our activities in 1986, we have been striving to combine pleasure, comfort and adventure. It is important to us to respect and protect nature in all our endeavours. We emphasise personal service, safety and an environmentally friendly operation. Eldhestar is a participant of VAKINN, Iceland tourism’s official quality and safety label.

Happy horses

At Eldhestar, the horses are the stars of the show. After all, it is their contribution, their willingness and spirit that make the experience special and we have the right horse for every rider. We make sure our horses are happy, healthy and well-taken cared of.

Tour Variety

Eldhestar has one of the most varied selections of horse riding tours in Iceland. We offer tours for all experience levels along with short tours, day tours and multiday tours.

Proven Quality

Eldhestar participates in Vakinn, Iceland’s tourism’s official quality and safety label. The aim of VAKINN is to strengthen quality and safety in tourism by means of guidance and support, as well as developing a sense of social responsibility.









Hotel Eldhestar

Hotel Eldhestar offers double, single and family rooms, all with private bathroom facilities. The hot tub and on-site restaurant are perfect to enjoy after a day of horse riding.  The hotel is unique as we drew inspiration from the colours and materials in Icelandic nature and culture. Genuine craftsmanship and old tradition inspire the interior in a house built with ecological technology.

Hotel Eldhestar was the first lodging in Iceland to receive the Nordic ecolabel Nordic Swan. We follow the guidelines of the Swan for both the building process as well as the daily operations at tour hotel.

The Icelandic Horse

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A dream I didn't know I had

Absolutely wonderful 2-hour short ride. My mother and I are both advanced riders and were lucky enough to have a private ride (the others who booked on didn’t turn up!) with Eva, our guide. She was wonderful and our ponies were even better. Can’t recommend this experience enough!

Absolute highlight!

We did this tour at the end of our 5-day-trip in Iceland and it turned out to be the highlight of our trip. The tour guides were very caring, committed, professional and friendly (the friendliest people we talked to in a week!). The scenery was amazing, the horses were funny and warm-hearted. Loved it!

The best!

During our 5 night stay this was the best activity we had during this stay. Even though the weather was the worst, rain and wind up to 20m/s, both the guides and the horses did amazing. Extra thanks to Elise, you’re the best.

Best horse ride I've had

As an experienced rider, I had a great time on a lively and fun pony. My friend, a beginner, also had a great ride on a steady safe pony. A really nice place and the ponies look well cared for and are obviously very fit as they were still raring to go after 3 hours. A must do for anyone who enjoys horse riding.

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