Dear fellow Eldhestar-Riders,

Around Christmas and New Year‘s Eve, we wanted to look back onto 2018 and thank all of you for riding with us!

We had a fantastic year with you and our horses on all of our tours! A successful year comes to an end, with around 11.000 km ridden on our longer tours, one completely new long tour route, 316 happy horses, 6 newborn foals and many joyful guests.

We also made a lot of progress this year in our booking processes. Soon our new webpage will go live with the opportunity to book also our longer tours online. Furthermore, we collect the necessary information from our guest now completely digitally which makes it easier for you and us to prepare for the tours and saves a lot of paper. Thank you for supporting us with that!

Now winter is here with its long nights but we passed winter solstice already, so the days will get brighter again. At least the darkness makes it possible to see northern lights and amazing sunrises and sunsets! Unfortunately, we do not have snow yet but hopefully, in 2019 it will come and make our winter season guests happy.

Thank you for a great 2018, we hope to meet you again soon!

The smiles on your faces are what keeps us motivated 😊

Gleðileg jól og gleðilegt nýár!

The Elhestar-Team