May has kept us very busy at Eldhestar. Here you’ll find the major doings.

Our annual riding horse competition, Eldhestar Local, was on 10 May. This meet is only for the company’s employees and those associated with the company. Employees compete on horses that are either theirs or owned by the company or a company owner. This year there were 20 participants. The idea of the competition is to give employees a chance to experience more aspects of horsemanship, participate in exercises, and prepare a horse to compete. The competition follows all the rules applying to tölt competition on an Icelandic horse. Take a look below at pictures from the meet. The winner in 2019 was Cora Claas, riding Fródi from Ketilsstadir Farm. High expectation, excitement and high spirits charged the atmosphere!

The first foals are usually born in May each year. At this writing, three foals have been born, all of the colts, we expect five foals in June. All foals born at Vellir come from award-winning studs. The goal of the breeding is twofold. First, to breed good tölters for Eldhestar’s general operations. Second, to breed future breeding horses and show horses appropriate for both the Horse Show at Eldhestar and Iceland’s bigger riding horse competitions. A certain tension and expectations arise with the birth of each new youngster at Vellir. The pictures tell the story best. You can view them by clicking here:

For us, the summer season truly begins with the first trip to Thórsmörk (Tour No. 10) at the end of May. We then need to drive part of our horses east to Fljótshlíd. That is where the trip starts. After that, comes Trip No. 8c – The Best of Eldhestar and then one tour after another. We look forward to this and welcome both our regular guests and all the new ones. For very many years, the hallmark of our trips has been that we see to all of them ourselves. Eldhestar or an owner of the company owns all the horses we use. All of our employees have many years of training with us before we entrust them with guiding tours. That is how we manage the level of services for all aspects of our tours. We welcome you to horse riding tours with Eldhestar.