Events happen fast in these uncertain times!

As we have mentioned several times, Iceland’s early and continuing handling of COVID-19 has been successful. As of mid-May, we have had only 4 new cases this month. (

The first slackening of the ban on gatherings came as scheduled on 4 May. The next slackening will be on 25 May.

Now, the Government has announced that the travel ban will be abolished no later than 15 June! Starting June 15th, tourists visiting Iceland have the following choices:  be tested for the coronavirus at the airport or present a clean bill of health from the health authorities in their home countries. The result of this test will be available on the same day.

More European countries will probably start opening their borders to other nations in the Schengen Area. There is much talk about the lifting of travel restrictions in Europe today.  Germany and Austria have already decided to open their borders as of 15 June.

Iceland’s public and private health authorities will be working together on screening arrivals to the country by the beginning of next month.

We will be prepared. We will continue following the guidelines and instructions of The Directorate of Health and The Icelandic Tourist Board.

We are moderately optimistic. If nothing unexpected comes up, starting 15 June, all our tours booked this summer will go on as scheduled. We hope you will stay with us and enjoy our varied journeys in beautiful surroundings and landscapes on our wonderful horses.

We are hoping to see as many of you as possible this summer.  Until then, we wish you and your family stay healthy and safe.