In July, our young mares Sónata frá Völlum and Vallarsól frá Völlum were presented to the judges at a breeding show in Hella, and we are incredibly proud of the high scores they received!

Sónata received First Prize with a total score of 8.11, an impressive result as she is 4-gaited and only 5 years old. Her score for ridden abilities is 8.13 with 9 for tölt, spirit and general impression, and she got 8.07 for conformation. The rider was Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson, who became world champion in Tölt T1 in the Netherlands a few weeks later. Sónata is a daughter of Hrannar frá Flugumýri, one of the highest judged stallions with total score of 8.85, her mother is Kátina frá Flugumýri.

Vallarsól, a very powerful 4 year old mare, also got an excellent score with 7.93 for ridden abilities with four gaits shown, and a total evaluation of 7.89. Perhaps not surprisingly, she received 9 for spirit. Vallarsól´s father is the famous Álfur frá Selfossi, her mother is Náttsól frá Fellsmúli.

It will be exciting to see how these two young mares develop in the future.

Ida Thorborg, who got her education at the University of Horse Equine Sciences in Hólar and is responsible for training all our young horses, did an excellent job preparing Sónata and Vallarsól for their first breeding show!

Both mares are owned by Hróðmar Bjarnason and Sigurjón Bjarnason.