We finally got over the unpredictable winter and almost all of the snow on the farm has melted. Here in Iceland we celebrate the first day of summer on the first Thursday after April 18, which is the ‚official‘ first day of summer and a public holiday. Every single day the daylight hours are increasing from around 15 hours in April to 18 hours in May. The people‘s mood is brightening up after the long and dark winter while the weather is acting in our favour and gives us mild and sunny days. In this magical time of the year nature starts awakening and bringing back Iceland‘s blaze of colour: Spring flowers like crocuses and Easter lilies bloom at the roadside and the birds chirp. Even the puffins and golden plovers return to breed along our coasts. The most beautiful thing spring brings to our farm are our foals! We are watching the mares and are impatiently waiting for their first foal to see the light of day. Moreover we are in the middle of the long tour preparation: The horses, who love those tours as much as we do, get trained for long distances. In Iceland we call it „rekstur“ to let the whole herd run freely a few kilometers on the trails along our meadows. This lap around the fields is definitely one of the favorite tasks for those who ride behind the herd of more then 100 horses! If you want to experience the amazing atmosphere of an Icelandic spring and see those spectacles, you‘re welcome to book a Short Tour with us!