The Environment Agency closed a walk in Reykjadalur in Ölfus on March 31st, to protect the area from damage. Following a state check in the area, the closure was extended by 4 weeks, until 12 May 2018, in consultation with the municipality concerned, landowner and stakeholders and with the approval of the Minister. Employees of the Environment Agency reassessed the area on 4 May. It appears that frost goes slower from the ground than was calculated.

The Environment Agency considers it important that the area in Reykjadal in Ölfus be closed until 1 June 2018. If the area is ready to receive guests without the risk of further damage, the area will be opened sooner.

Riding Tours, that involve the Reykjadalur, will be cancelled or changed. Please stay in contact with us, if you have already booked a tour in May 2018.