Eldhestar Environmental Policy

Eldhestar is dedicated to the principles of ecotourism. The natural environment and wilderness of Iceland are unique assets requiring protection. This means that we consider the environmental impact in all our decisions: those concerning the hotel, new trails, tours, and facilities. Our employees follow these ideas and always do their best to protect the environment. For example by reminding people not to throw away garbage, collect all plastic wraps after lunch and ride on the existing paths to prevent soil erosion from the horse hoofs.

We follow 10 main basic guidelines of Eldhestar’s environmental policy. In fact, during your tour your guide will tell you about the nature and geology of Iceland, educate you about the sensitive ecosystem in Iceland and how to protect it.


Eldhestar environmental guidelines

  1. Prepare all guests for each encounter with sensitive ecosystems, geological formations, native plants, and animals, and train them to minimize any negative impacts when visiting these sensitive areas.
  2. Encourage small-sized group tours to minimize environmental impact and provide enough guides to maintain adequate control of the group.
  3. Avoid crowded, over-visited, environmentally degraded sites.
  4. Train guides and staff in how to reduce environmental damage by tour groups and apply environmentally sound practices to all Eldhestar operations.
  5. Educate guides thoroughly in ecology, geology, plants and animals, equipment, safety, local practices, and Eldhestar´s environmental policies.
  6. Warn guests specifically not to take samples or souvenirs, as their removal may do lasting damage to sensitive sites.
  7. Work with local people and all appropriate governmental authorities to foster sound environmental procedures at Vellir, Eldhestar’s farm and at all tour sites.
  8. Follow sound ecological practices for recycling and waste management; use renewable resources and locally grown, organic products, and offer homemade cuisine.
  9. Assess the ecological and environmental impact of all new buildings, trails, and tours. Minimizing environmental impact was a major part of the planning for the hotel that opened in 2002. Select accommodations based on their impact on the local environment.
  10. Further Eldhestar’s commitment to nature conservation by developing new riding trails in order to disperse tourism and lighten the load on popular riding trails, and encouraging guests to contribute to nature conservation projects, for example, by planting trees.