Breeding program

Introducing our breeding mares

From the start in 2007, Eldhestar’s breeding programme has followed two fundamental ideas. First, we strive to breed well-behaved and well-gaited riding horses that ought to suit most of Eldhestar’s guests. Second, we breed horses with experienced riders in mind, suitable for riding classes and the company’s horse shows. As our greatest challenge has always been combining well-behaved and reliable horses with soft and simple gaits, the company and its owners invested in mares that are likely to produce the expected results. Another important factor in achieving the desired outcome is choosing the right stallion for those mares.

Meet the mares that help those dreams come to life, quite literally. Click on the youngster page to see more information about their foals.

Hrist frá Völlum

FEIF-ID IS2010287086
COLOUR Bay with a star and a snip
SIRE Þröstur frá Hvammi 

Gunnvör frá Hvítárholti      IS1999288260

CHARACTERISTICS Grand movements, soft gaits, expected to give good tölters


Hegri IS2019187086

Hofsi IS2020187083

Hamur IS2022187083

Hilda IS2022287084


Orka frá Völlum

FEIF-ID IS2015287083
COLOUR Black with a blaze glass-eyed
SIRE Ölnir frá Akranesi                      IS2009135006
DAM Opal frá Hvammi                       IS2003287041
CHARACTERISTICS Expected to give interesting riding horses

Ópal frá Hvammi

FEIF-ID IS2003287041
SIRE Þjarkur frá Kjarri
DAM Dóttla frá Hvammi
CHARACTERISTICS Sister to the highly-judged stallion Klettur IS1998187045. Five-gaiter with big movements and smooth, long strides

Hvammur IS2013187087
NN IS2014187046
Orka IS2015287083
NN IS2016287042
Ón IS2017287084
Óski IS2018187083
Otra IS2019287083

Njála frá Fellsmúla

FEIF-ID IS2003281797
SIRE Markús frá Langholtsparti
DAM Nett frá Hvoli
CHARACTERISTICS Strong family history, expected to produce competition and exhibition horses; judged 7.59.

Hrímey IS2014287074
Farsæll IS2015187084
Nör IS2016187085
Yrja IS2017281796
Nett IS2018287085



Heiður frá Hjallalandi


FEIF-ID IS2005257429
COLOUR Gray, born chestnut with a star
SIRE Fálki frá Hóli
DAM Ljóska frá Hjallalandi
CHARACTERISTICS The first-prize winner judged 8.16 and 8.23

Kaldalón IS2012176454
Heiðar Hjörtur IS2013176330
Hugða IS2015287084
Heiðar IS2016187083
Harmónía IS2017287083
Hugdís IS2018287084
Hlér IS2019187083



Kátína frá Flugumýri II

FEIF-ID IS2004258626
SIRE Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöðum
DAM Kolskör frá Gunnarsholti
CHARACTERISTICS Strong, award-winning pedigree, expected to produce competition and exhibition horses, the first foal was trained in fall 2015.

Sónata IS2012287086
Sinfonía IS2013287087
Gammur IS2014181796
Kjalar IS2015187085
Fjalladís IS2016281796
Jódís IS2017287085
Aría IS2018281796
Kórall IS2019187084



Hjör frá Völlum

FEIF-ID IS2014287075
COLOUR Black with snip
SIRE IS2009157651 – Lukku-Láki frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði
DAM IS2003266634 – Hind frá Hrafnsstöðum
CHARACTERISTICS Mare with big movements and long strides in tölt and an impressive pace; judged with 8.35 for conformation and 8.02 in total

Hind               IS2021287085

Hjörný           IS2022287085

Vallarsól frá Völlum 

FEIF-ID IS2013287086
SIRE IS2002187662 – Álfur frá Selfossi
DAM IS2000281796 – Náttsól frá Fellsmúla
CHARACTERISTICS Clear beated tölt with high leg action, eager and cooperative mare; judged 8.03 in total

Völur              IS2021187086

Vorsól            IS2022287086


As passionate horsemen, all four Eldhestar owners started breeding horses long before Eldhestar developed its breeding programme. Many of our guest´s favourite horses like Landaljómi, Limra and Aldinblód to name just a few were the result of their efforts. Nowadays, not only do they continue to provide us with fantastic, well-rounded horses for our riding tours, they also allow us to benefit from their decades of experience, knowledge and expertise when it comes to breeding. Expand the corresponding section below to learn more about their individual endeavours.

Sigurjón Bjarnason

When Sigurjón Bjarnason started breeding horses, he decided to base his efforts on thdnanonnibreedinge programme at Hvoll Farm. He chose Tinna IS1993286650 frá Fellsmúla, whose bloodline can be traced back to Hvoll farm on both the mother’s as well as the father’s side. Additionally, he used the mare Brúnstjarna IS19AA286058, whom he bred himself, as well as her daughters. Brúnstjarna’s descendants were generally big and handsome as well as rather strongly built. They inherited her typical character and were known for their good gaits.

Nowadays, Sigurjón’s breeding work, along with that of his brother Hródmar, also aims at breeding competition and exhibition horses. For this purpose the mares Njála IS2003281797 frá Fellsmúla and Kátína IS2004258626 frá Flugumýri were brought into the breeding group. Both mares come from strong families. Njála is the daughter of Nett IS1983287038 frá Hvoli and Markús IS1993187449 from Langholtsparti. Kátína is the daughter of the honorary-award-winning mare Kolskör IS1986286300 frá Gunnarsholti and Rökkvi IS1997186541 frá Hárlaugsstödum. Kátína’s first offspring, Sónata IS2012287086 was trained in the fall of 2015 and in autumn 2016, it was her younger sister Sinfonía’s IS2013287087 turn.

Þorsteinn Hjartarson

Thorsteinn Hjartarson mainly used Fluga IS1986288657 frá Staerri-Bae and her daughter Aldinblód IS1998287936 frá Framnesi for breeding. Fluga produced strong-willed horses that were very well-gaited and robust. This made them perfect for Eldhestar’s longest trips. Fluga’s best-known offspring amongst Eldhestar’s guests is without doubt Landaljómi IS1993287894 frá Brautarholti 3. Other descendants worth mentioning are Gaukur IS1994187973 frá Staerri-Bae, Limra IS1994288972 frá Brautarholti 3 and Rauðgrani IS2005187039 frá Völlum. Aldinblód’s foals are both beautiful and show grand movements. Her two oldest offspring, Uggi IS2006181798 frá Fellsmúla and Eitill IS2008181799 frá Fellsmúla, joined Eldhestar’s trips in the summer of 2015. Both were hard workers and good tölters.

Smári Sæmundarson

Smári Saemundsson focussed his breeding on Gýgja IS1996282190 frá Egilsstöðum in Ölfus, a farm with a long history in horse breeding that is widely known for it’s hard-working and good riding horses. Some of the horses from Egilstaðir have been with Eldhestar for a long time. Gýgja’s sire Amor IS19AB182001, for example, was still working for Eldhestar at the ripe age of 25. Some horses that Gýgja has foaled are Molda IS1999282191 frá Egilsstöðum, Háleggur IS2001187095 frá Núpum, Saga IS2005282197 frá Völlum and Riddari IS2007182079 frá Völlum.

Gýgja’s oldest daughter Molda has started to prove herself as a good breeding mare. Her oldest offspring, the mare Thula IS2008282191 frá Völlum was rated 7.99 (out of 10) in the summer of 2014. Thula’s “aunt” Saga received the same rating (7.99/10) that year. In our opinion, both horses deserved to win first prize for breeding.

Hróðmar Bjarnason

Hródmar Bjarnason was the last of Eldhestar’s owners to begin breeding Icelandic horses. His breeding policy is intertwined with Eldhestar’s policy—i.e. to breed both well-behaved family horses as well as exhibition and competition horses. With that in mind, he purchased a share in the mares Njála frá Fellsmúla and Kátína frá Flugumýri along with Sigurjón (see above). In addition, Hródmar invested in the first-prize-winning mares Heidur IS2005257429 frá Hjallalandi and Gremja IS1999286935 frá Árbae, the latter of whom he co-owns with his brother’s wife Halldóra Thorvardardóttir. He also has high hopes for his mares Gunnvör IS1999288260 frá Hvítárholti and Elding IS2000284547 frá Njálsgerdi. They are both expected to produce good and well-behaved riding horses that do well in all gaits, especially the tölt.