Hródmar Bjarnason was the last of Eldhestar’s owners to begin breeding Icelandic horses. His breeding policy is intertwined with Eldhestar’s policy—i.e. to breed both well-behaved family horses as well as exhibition and competition horses. With that in mind, he purchased a share in the mares Njála frá Fellsmúla and Kátína frá Flugumýri along with Sigurjón (see above). In addition, Hródmar invested in the first-prize-winning mares Heidur IS2005257429 frá Hjallalandi and Gremja IS1999286935 frá Árbae, the latter of whom he co-owns with his brother’s wife Halldóra Thorvardardóttir. He also has high hopes for his mares Gunnvör IS1999288260 frá Hvítárholti and Elding IS2000284547 frá Njálsgerdi. They are both expected to produce good and well-behaved riding horses that do well in all gaits, especially the tölt.