Horses for Sale

Introducing our Horses for Sale

From the start in 2007, Eldhestar’s breeding programme has followed two fundamental ideas. First, we strive to breed well-behaved and well-gaited riding horses that ought to suit most of Eldhestar’s guests. Second, we breed horses with experienced riders in mind, suitable for riding classes and competitions. As our greatest challenge has always been combining well-behaved and reliable horses with soft and simple gaits, a lot of our guests have fallen in love with these fantastic horses and took them home.

You can meet some of our horses for sale on this page. We are currently working on updating this page, so we are still chasing some horses to get a good picture of them or working on filling in the relevant information.

If you rode a horse on one of our tours and fell in love with it, just send us a message with the name and/ or a picture of it and we would be happy to find out more information about if we are willing to sell it.

Kjalar from Vellir

Kjalar IS2015187085 from Vellir is born in 2015. His colour is bay with black mane and tale. Kjalar is an offspring of Kátína IS2004258626 from Flugumýri, which, in turn, was an offspring of the honour prize mare Kolskör from Gunnarsholti. Other offsprings from Kátína are for example the first class mares Sónata IS2012287086 from Vellir and Sinfónía IS2013287087 from Vellir. Kjalar is a very talented young gelding after Kiljan IS2004156286 from Steinsnes. It‘s obvious that Kjalar has many of the qualities from his father. The movements, the shape under the rider – reminds very much of Kiljan. The gaits are very clean and also clear from each other. His trainer mentioned that he has not having a horse in training with such a excellent gaits. He has a very high movements, great strides and  is forward minded. Kjalar is a very promising and respectable competition horse in the future.  He is a five gaiter – but could also easily be competed in four gait. Kjalar is a horse for advanced riders, who are looking for a competition horse.

Folda from Vellir

Folda IS2015282191 from Vellir was born in 2015. Her colour is buckskin (no white markings). Her dam is Molda IS1999282191 from Egilsstaðir. Other offspring from Molda include the mare Þula IS2008282191 from Vellir.  Folda’s sire is  Stáli IS1998187002 from Kjarr. Judges at the 2004 National Icelandic Horse Competition rated him the highest 6-year-old stallion. We started Folda’s training calmly. It was not until last spring and summer that her actual training began. She soon showed her good movements and good gaits. Folda is a five gaiter and a very talented mare. Our hope is that she will be judged as a first class mare for riding ability. She is average-sized. Folda can be used for both breeding and competition in the future, and she is more for experienced riders.

Vaskur frá Völlum

Vaskur IS2009187085 from Vellir was born in 2009. Vaskur is a big strong horse, suiting many kinds of riders well. He is calm and reliable with good gaits. He has a sure-beated tölt, and his movements are good in all gaits. His trot and canter are also fine. He is a four-gaited horse, and his sire is Gaumur IS2001187053 from Auðholtshjáleiga. Eldhestar has used him on its longer riding tours, and he is a well-behaved horse. He suits average-sized and slightly bigger riders very well.


Hugða  frá Völlum

Hugða – S2015287084 from Vellir can be a good choice for younger or lighter riders who want to start developing themselves and the horse for future competition. Hugða is a small horse with a big personality. However, she doesn’t feel small when you ride her. From the very start of training, she was eager to learn – calm and composed yet with a lot of energy and drive. She is playful and friendly but has just the right temperament to add a touch of power to her movements. Hugða was trained one winter.
She was broken in for 4-5 weeks when she was 3.5 years. She had a rider on her back a handful of times during this period. When she was 4.5 years, we brought her back inside and trained her for about 6 months, but with a couple of good breaks during this period. She has nice even gaits with good movements – see the photos.* The tölt comes easy and already has good speed. Her trot is good, and with a more strength and balance, it will become exceptionally good.  Her canter has good potential, but the pace is untrained. She responds easily to aids without tension or nervousness. She knows the basic dressage exercises and is ready for further training in all gaits.

Eldey frá Völlum

Eldey IS2014287085 from Vellir was born in 2014. Her colour is chestnut with a blaze and has white fetlocks and/or socks. She was extremely beautiful as a foal, and she still is. She is reliable, calm, and easy to handle. Her gaits are good – her tölt is both smooth and comfortable. She has a good trot and canter. Eldey is for both less experienced riders as well as advanced riders. Eldey’s sire is Eldur IS2007166206 from Torfanes, and she inherited her father’s colour and look.


Sinfónía frá Völlum

Sinfónía frá Völlum is one of Eldhestar’s breeding mares. She was foaled in 2012. Her dam is Kátína IS2004258626 frá Flugumýri, which, in turn, was an offspring of the honour prize mare Kolskör frá Gunnarsholti. Sinfonia’s sire is Seiður IS2004158629 frá Flugumýri. Judges at the 2008 National Icelandic Horse Competition rated him the highest 4-year-old stallion. During training, Sinfónía was very quick to learn and adapt to new situations. She had plenty of movement, and the gaits were very clean from the beginning. Sinfónía has one foal – a stallion from Dagfari frá Álfhólum.
Sinfónía is a first prize mare, judged when she was 5 years old.


Léttfeti from Völlum

has an exceptionally good grove. Is easy in all contact, a real friend. His gaits are very good. He has participated in competitions with good results. He is a beautiful horse with clear and good gaits. We strongly recommend him!! Léttfeti is now located near Basel in Switzerland.


Hvammur frá Völlum

Hvammur frá Völlum IS2013187087  is one of Eldhestar’s breeding horses. He was foaled in 2012. Her dam is Ópal IS2003287041 frá Hvammi, which, in turn, is sister to the famous stallion Klettur IS1998187045 frá Hvammi. Hvammur’s sire is Álfur IS2002187662 frá Selfossin. Judges at the 2012 National Icelandic Horse Competition rated him the highest stallion for the offspring. During training, Hvammur was very quick to learn and adapt to new situations. He has very high movements in all gaits. Because of his high movements, it took him some time to be strong enough to manage them in a good way. Now, on his way to be 8 years, he looks very promising, a great talent and clearly a competition horse in the future. Very reliable and very interesting option.


Hilmir frá Völlum

was born in 2012. He was born brown, but is now gray in color. Hilmir is a handsome horse with good gaits, very good tölt, with a good and high movements. Very reliable and exciting option.
Hilmir frá Völlum  is now located near Basel in Switzerland.

Gæfa frá Völlum

was born in 2011. Gæfa, as the name implies, is very comfortable and fortunate, because of the fact that she lost her mother only three weeks old. She was indirectly raised by humans the first 4 months. Gæfa flourished well and became a brilliant good riding horse with good gaits. Gæfa is beautiful and goes very well in the tölt, as well as other gaits, with beautiful movements. Gæfa was exported to Switzerland and is now family owned and in a very good hands!!


Hlín frá Völlum

is brown in color, born in 2011. Hlín was the wife of the old god Oðinn. Hlín is easy to handle and also in riding. Her gaits are clear, and she has a very nice trott, with high movements. The tölt is very smooth and comfortable. Hlín is suitable for many riders, reliable and has a good connection with the humans.