Horses for Sale

Introducing our Horses for Sale

From the start in 2007, Eldhestar’s breeding programme has followed two fundamental ideas. First, we strive to breed well-behaved and well-gaited riding horses that ought to suit most of Eldhestar’s guests. Second, we breed horses with experienced riders in mind, suitable for riding classes and competitions. As our greatest challenge has always been combining well-behaved and reliable horses with soft and simple gaits, a lot of our guests have fallen in love with these fantastic horses and took them home.

You can meet some of our horses for sale on this page. We are currently working on updating this page, so we are still chasing some horses to get a good picture of them or working on filling in the relevant information.

If you rode a horse on one of our tours and fell in love with it, just send us a message with the name and/ or a picture of it and we would be happy to find out more information about if we are willing to sell it.

Kjalar frá Völlum

Kjalar IS2015187085 from Vellir is born in 2015. His colour is bay with black mane and tale. Kjalar is an offspring of Kátína IS2004258626 from Flugumýri, which, in turn, was an offspring of the honour prize mare Kolskör from Gunnarsholti. Other offsprings from Kátína are for example the first class mares Sónata IS2012287086 from Vellir and Sinfónía IS2013287087 from Vellir. Kjalar is a very talented young gelding after Kiljan IS2004156286 from Steinsnes. It‘s obvious that Kjalar has many of the qualities from his father. The movements, the shape under the rider – reminds very much of Kiljan. The gaits are very clean and also clear from each other. His trainer mentioned that he has not having a horse in training with such a excellent gaits. He has a very high movements, great strides and  is forward minded. Kjalar is a very promising and respectable competition horse in the future.  He is a five gaiter – but could also easily be competed in four gait. Kjalar is a horse for advanced riders, who are looking for a competition horse. Price: 15.000 EUR.

Ón frá Völlum

Ón IS2017287084 from Vellir is born in 2017. Her colour is chestnut with a star flaxen mane and tail. Ón is an offspring of Ópal IS2002287041 from Hvammi. The highest judged mare in Iceland in the year of 2023 (Kría from Hvammur) is the daughter of Ópal as well is Hvammur frá Vellir – a very well known competition horse in Germany. The sire of Ón is Draupnir IS2011187105 from Stuðlum, a very highed scored stallion, now stationed in Germany.  Ón has a very interesting pedigree, related to many good horses. As can be seen from the pictures and video – she is a talented young mare. The movements are high in all gaits, the strides are fine, especially in tölt and trott and she is forward minded. Ón was led this spring to the stallion Dagfari IS2012184667 from Álfhólum.  She is expected to have her foal in early May. We have a good hope that she will be either a good breeding mare and/or an interesting riding and competition horse.  Ón is highly recommended for an experienced rider either looking for a future breeding mare or a promising 4/5-gaited competition horse.

Spes  frá Völlum

Spes IS2018287083 from Vellir was born in 2018. She is black. Spes is the offspring of the first-class mare Sónata IS2012287085 from Vellir, which, in turn, was the offspring of Kátína IS2004258626, which was the offspring of the honour prize mare Kolskör from Gunnarsholt Other offsprings from Kátína include the first-class mares Sinfónía IS2013287087 from Vellir and Kjalar from Vellir. Spes is a very talented young mare after Skaginn IS2009101044 from Skipaskagi. Spes obviously has many qualities from her mother as well as her father. Her movements, her shape under the rider – all remind us very much of her mother Sónata. Her gaits are very clean as well as distinct from each other. Spes has very high movements and great strides and is forward-minded as well but is always easy to control. Spes is also a very promising breeding mare (rated 8.04 for conformation), and she is a competition horse.  She is a five-gaiter (from her father) – but could also easily compete as a four-gaiter. Spes is a horse for riders who are looking for both a competition horse and a pleasant riding horse for the family. She is highly recommended!

Hugdís frá Völlum

Hugdís IS2018287084 from Vellir was born in 2018. Her colour is chestnut tobiano. Hugdís is the offspring of Heiður IS2005257429 from Hjallaland (a first-class mare with a total score of 8.23). The sire of Hugdís is Álfgrímur IS2011187660 from Syðri-Gegnishólar.  Hugdís is a very talented young mare. She is already rated 8.04 for conformation, and her gaits are even and very good. Her movements are high in all the gaits, the strides are fine, and she is forward-minded. We have high hopes that she will be a first-class mare for both riding ability and conformation. Hugdís is a very kind horse and develops good relationships with people. We highly recommend Hugdís for an experienced rider looking for either a future breeding mare or a promising five gaited competition horse.