Horseshoeing days at Eldhestar

On November 8th and 9th the annual Icelandic horseshoeing days took place at our farm for the second time. Our stable and riding hall where well prepared for farriers from all over the country.

The program included a workshop with teaching demonstration about hot shoeing,

form changing on horse shoes and effect on movement, followed by education about the importance of good hoof care. Like last year, the instructor was the renowned farrier from Denmark, Jesper Eriksson Eurenius who won the Swedish- and Scandinavian championship in horseshoeing several times.

On Saturday afternoon the event was open to the public with exhibitions, product demonstrations and finally the Icelandic shoeing competition with reward ceremony.

We are very happy to announce that our main farrier Geert has won the 2nd place in the shoeing competition – meaning that he is the 2nd best farrier in Iceland!

Congratulations & til hamingju, Geert!


Autumn at Eldhestar

It is hard to believe we already have mid October! After a first glimpse of snow it feels almost like summer is back. Today is another beautiful, warm day with a palette of soft autumn colors laying upon the mountains and meadows surrounding our farm.

Autumn can be a very nice season for riding in Iceland and our guests enjoy many sunny days with warm daytime temperatures and crystal clear air. We can often observe the stunning Northern Lights in the evening skies above our farm and are looking forward to welcome the participants in our winter tours. It is getting cosy in our Hotel and the horses quickly change to being quite cuddly in their winter coat.
Sun rise is now at 8:15 and every day gets about 6 minutes less daylight, so it will soon be dark when we pick up the herd from the field.

We now have about 70 horses at the farm and just started training the young ones, which is always a very exciting time. Our tour horses on the farm are trained regularly by our staff during the winter months and most of the other ones keep on enjoying life on large fields until next summer. In the office we are busy preparing for next season, already receiving lots of bookings for our long tours.