The first snow has covered the mountains around the farm and temperatures have dropped below zero. Winter has officially began in Iceland and it is the best time to enjoy snowy landscapes, late sunrises, early sunsets and Northern lights.

Now when we have very few tourists in Iceland, and Eldhestar’s activities are at a minimum, we look for different kinds of activities that increase our joy in life. Some of us are have started to take riding lessons, learn Icelandic, German or other languages and how to drive a car. Others are pursuing their hobbies. Several of us are very interested in photography and making videos. These pictures of Orka frá Völlum were taken last week:

Most of our horses are now on a well-deserved vacation on large fields both close to and also away from the farm. At the beginning of this month we managed to capture a few moments and would like to share them with you. If you have not watched the video on our Facebook, please, go ahead:

Some good news were reported last week. The numbers of new Covid cases are going quite fast down here in Iceland. Germany and other countries have removed Iceland from the list of high-risk countries. Our beautiful country is no longer considered a risk area. We believe that it will stay like this until the awaited vaccine is available in early 2021.

It has also been announced that the rules for travelers coming to Iceland will for now remain the same and changes will be announced in the middle of January. In other words, we start to be optimistic that our spring and summer tours will depart as planned. We keep on receiving bookings for the next summer and are happy to see that our guests are as excited and hopeful about the upcoming months as we are. The Eldhestar team looks forward to hearing from all those who cannot wait to travel again and take part in one of our winter/spring and summer programs

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