On Friday, 11th May, we held our fifth Eldhestar Local staff competition. 20 riders and horses participated in the competition this year. The task was to ride a full loop in slow tölt, then change direction and show a loop with speed changes along the short and long sides of the riding hall and finally a full loop in fast tölt. In the finals, this program had to be shown in both directions. Our staff members were judged by official Icelandic judges, Hallgrímur Birkisson and Óskar Hróbjartsson, following the traditional Icelandic guidelines in horse competitions. Quite a challenging program, especially for those riders and horses who rode in front of an audience for the first time.
Our new guides did well this year and we are looking forward to having a great summer with them on our tours. We had lots of fun competing with each other and showing off the training of the past months. After the competition, we were served tasty spareribs by our chef Stefan.

We congratulate the winner Helga Gísladóttir with her gelding Unnar frá Flugumýri!

The results were the following:

1. Helga Gísladóttir (Iceland) / Unnar frá Flugumýri, owner Helga Gísladóttir , 6.92
2. Jóhanna Bettý Durhuus (Iceland) / Steini frá Jórvík, owner Jóhanna Bettý Durhuus, 6.17
3. Nicolas Gadanyi (Germany) / Skörungur frá Kanastöðum, owner Eldhestar, 5.92
4. Cora Claas (Germany) / Snæfríður frá Eyði-Sandvík, owners Cora Claas and Arnar Bjarki Árnason , 5.58
5. Zenia Larsen (Denmark) / Haki frá Minni-Borg, owner Eldhestar, 5.42

6. Hlöðver Ólafsson (Iceland) / Goði frá Minni-Borg, owner Hlöðver Ólafsson, 5.75
7. Melina Schuppert (Germany) / Klettur frá Horni I, owner Eldhestar, 5.67
8. Smári Sæmundsson (Iceland) / Saga frá Völlum, owner Smári Sæmundsson , 5.25
9. Ewa Kurczewska (Poland) / Stefnir frá Hestasýn, owner Eldhestar, 5.17
10. Ida Ljungnér (Sweden) / Geysir frá Saurbæ, owner Eldhestar, 4.83

All results
11. Maria Jentsch (Germany) / Hlín frá Völlum, owner Hróðmar Bjarnason,
12. Camille Cailloux (France) / Hilmir frá Völlum, owner Eldhestar,
13. Marianne Giesswein (Austria) / Snægreifi frá Garði, owner Marianne Giesswein
14. Annika Jonat (Germany) / Kyndill frá Miðhúsum, owner Eldhestar,
15. Sophie Zentner (Germany) / Birna frá Ásbrú, owner Eldhestar,
16. Lina Heisgen (Germany) / Salka, owner Eldhestar,
17. Camille Ferveur (France) / Höldur frá Völlum, owner Eldhestar,
18. Klaudia Chrobak (Poland) / Breki frá Brúnum, owner Eldhestar,
19. Linn Edström (Sweden) / Muninn frá Völlum, owner Hróðmar Bjarnason,

Special guest
Brigitte Baumgartner (Switzerland) / Léttfeti frá Völlum, owner Hróðmar Bjarnason, 5.50