Most people visit us for their interests of the Icelandic horse. People come for 1 hour’s horseback riding, a 1-day riding tour or even several days on the highlands, away from the crowd, riding the unbeaten path where the only thing you hear comes from the horse´s hooves. We´ve had thousands of satisfied customers over the years and a great part of them comes back for another ride.

Sometimes we have families or group of friends, and someone in the group is not in for horses, not interested or even scared. What can we say to them? How do we react? If they´re staying at our hotel they can of course walk or hike in the vicinity of the hotel, take a walk to Hveragerði, the nearest town and browse the city.

We can also recommend planning a tour with a driver guide and a nice vehicle. You can choose to do the Golden Circle, the south coast with its glaciers, waterfalls and black send beaches. If you want to try the unbeaten path, cross a few rivers and come close to Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano that erupted in 2010, then we can arrange that.

Glacial Experience is a company we can recommend. They have a long experience and good reputation on TripAdvisor. You can contact them through their webpage ( or ask some of our staff members to help you.