The fall is always an exciting time to join our horses in the meadows. Many of our horses have now been on vacation for 2-3 months. It’s a part of our job to watch over them to make sure that they are doing well. The nutritional level of the grass starts decreasing, and it’s important to give the horses salt blocks that are rich in trace minerals. The time we spend with the horses helps us maintain the harmony between the changing landscape colours and our horses’ beautiful colours.

In the autumn, we start with a very pleasant activity – breaking in and training our breeding horses. Before it starts, we feel expectations for the future and the next few weeks will show whether these expectations are met or not.

So far, after working with our 3-4 year-olds for four weeks, our expectations are still high, and we are looking forward to the next several months. As you can see from the photos, our trainer Ida Thorborg really connects well with the youngsters. They trust and like her.

Our brochure for 2023 is now posted on Eldhestar’s website. We still offer the greatest variety of riding tours in Iceland. Please, have a look.

We are looking forward to a good winter and a good year. People have already started placing their reservations for 2023, and some of our tours are already fully booked. We often update the Availability List on our website.

If you need more information about the tours, please email us. We are always here to help. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on our trips this fall, winter and spring.

The Eldhestar Team