As strange as times feel now, looking ahead realistically is bracing.

One thing is sure. This pandemic will loosen its grip slowly but surely. Brighter times lie ahead. Just when is difficult to predict but expecting it sooner rather than later will help us now.

Eldhestar’ s preparation for next year has been going on right along. We have published next year’s brochure and posted it on Eldhestar’ s website: (Brochures 2021). Have a look. Eldhestar offers the greatest variety of riding tours in Iceland.

We are looking forward to a good year. People have already started booking for next year, and many of our guests have moved their bookings from 2020 to 2021.

New circumstances create new possibilities. Our Hotel Eldhestar qualifies as a quarantine hotel.

This is a golden opportunity. You can come to Iceland, thoroughly relax, get room service the whole day, go hiking, and maybe riding (following strict rules). Our hotel fills this bill ideally.
Want or need to take your computer with you? Our hotel provides excellent connection to the Internet.
We offer the best relaxation imaginable.
Eldhestar’ s management are anything but idle. We are leaning into our related interests: our horse breeding, our mares and youngsters, the training of our young horses, etc. At the beginning of September we started breaking in all our young horses, who are going to be 4 years next spring. Below you can see photos of some of them, that we believe in and have high expectations for. During your visit, you may see some of these programmes first-hand.

Every spring, 5 – 8 foals are born at Vellir. They ignite new expectations and hopes. Below you can see photos of our youngest ones! They are all offspring of many of the best stallions in the country. You can read more about our breeding program at our web site:

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Have a look at our breeding program and the list of our horses for sale.