Tour 15 – The Volcano Hekla

Mystique and fantastic riding paths

This tour takes us to the colourful landscape between the famous volcano Hekla and Tindafjallajökull glacier. This area is known for amazing nature shaped by the forces of volcanoes and glaciers. We ride with a herd of free-running horses on nice, soft riding paths on the black sandy ground covered by green grass and through lava fields in a mystic scenery of volcanic formations created by many eruptions of the volcano Hekla through the centuries. Some of the eruptions destroyed the habitation in certain areas. We can feel the presence of the natural force and the mystique surrounding Hekla, together with elements from the old Sagas. Our riding path follows an old Viking trail that the Viking Gunnar from Hlíðarendi in Njál´s Saga was riding when he ended up in one of his many battles. On our way, we enjoy hidden valleys, wide green pastures and mighty rivers. The combination of beautiful nature, great horses and fantastic riding paths makes this tour a memory for life!

This tour has a free running herd of horses

Experience the diversity of the Icelandic horse in its natural environment, far from civilization, and how Icelanders travelled in the old days with a herd of free-running horses. Every rider gets the chance to try 2 or 3 different horses each day, which develops riding skills.

Excellent place! 
My best recommendations! 
I was on 5 days horseback holiday July 2016 – I lost my heart to Iceland – the horses – Eldhestar – I travel there again on December 27, 2017, for 5 days at horseback


6 days and 5 nights – 5 days on horseback.

Availability & Price

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Riding distance

About 160 km. 23 – 40 km (4 – 8 hours) per day.



English speaking guide, riding and safety equipment and transfer from/to Reykjavik.

1 night in Guesthouse Eldhestar in shared rooms, 4 nights sleeping bag accommodation in cottages and simple mountain huts (bunk beds, in shared rooms).

Full board (traditional Icelandic home cooking).


What to bring

Good shoes, comfortable pants (riding pants not necessary), gloves and a buff is recommended and if you want to bring a camera, please bring a small waist bag as backpacks cannot be taken on horseback.

See more detailed information here


Day 1: Arrival

The tour starts in the evening. Tour members who arrive the same day in Iceland should take the “Flybus” from the airport to the final bus station BSÍ in Reykjavík. We will greet you at the bus station or at your hotel/guesthouse in Reykjavik between 17:30- 18:00 and drive you to our farm Vellir near Hveragerði. There you will be lodged at Guesthouse Eldhestar. We will get to know each other during dinner at our Hotel Eldhestar. The day will end with a detailed description of the tour (might be in the morning).

Day 2: Vellir – Hrólfsstaðahellir

In the morning we get to know the horses during a short ride. After an early lunch, we go by bus to the farm Fellsmúli in the beautiful area Landssveit, on the foot of Volcano Hekla. From there we first ride northwards to the farm Leirubakki, and then on nice trails eastwards to the Vestri-Rangá River. The tour continues southward along the river to the farm Hrólfsstaðahellir, where we spend the night in a cottage and have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bath in a hot tub.

Riding time and distance: 23 km, 4 hrs.

Day 3: Hrólfsstaðahelli – Foss

We start the day by crossing the river Vestri-Rangá and continue over the moss-covered lava field Botnahraun, which was created several hundreds of years ago in one of Hekla´s many eruptions. We follow an ancient riding path over the lava field and across wide plains of grassland, and later on we continue over another lava field, called Axarhraun, until we reach the mountain hut Foss. This hut is located in the area south of the volcano Hekla which is well known from the great Saga of Njáll. 

Riding time and distance: 35 km, 7 hrs.

Day 4: Foss – Foss

Today we leave the herd at the hut Foss and ride with our best tölters to experience the beautiful surroundings with scenic valleys and special formations of clefts. From the farm Foss, we ride on nice, soft trails mainly through grassland towards an impressing cave. After visiting the cave we will pass the abandoned farms Þorleifsstaði and Reynistaði on our way back to Foss for a relaxing lunch break. In the afternoon we follow a scenic path in the very special area next to the volcanic mountain Hafrafell.  We spend the night in Foss.

Riding time and distance: 20 km,  5 hrs.

Day 5: Foss – Rjúpnavellir

Today we yet again ride over the lava field Axarhraun to see the area west of the volcano Hekla and spend the lunch break in beautiful nature next to the farm Kot. Afterwards, we will pass the so-called farms of Hekla which are the farms closest to the volcano.  We continue through an area covered with soft black lava sand and enjoy a nice view of the wide landscape and mountains, weather permitting until we reach and cross the mighty river Vestri-Rangá. We spend the night at the cottage Rjúpnavellir, a nice cottage situated close to Hekla. In these area the landscape is imprinted by natural forces such as wind and volcanic eruptions.

Riding time and distance: 40 km, 8 hrs.

Day 6: Rjúpnavellir – Þjófafoss – Fellsmúli

We ride with the herd of horses on towards the glacial river Þjórsá, the longest river in Iceland, where we will reach the Waterfall of the Thieves, Þjófafoss. We continue in brisk tölt on soft sandy paths through a beautiful green forest of birches to the old farm Skarfanes. The horses are on their way home now, and it is usually going fast on these paths. We end the tour where it started, at the farm Fellsmúli, where refreshments are waiting for us. In the afternoon we will be driven back to Reykjavík where the tour ends around 17.30.

Riding time and distance: 24 km, 5 hrs.