Tour 16 – Treasures of Borgarfjörður

Between Western Valleys and Thermal Pools

The fertile district Borgarfjörður in southwestern Iceland is known for some of Iceland’s most beautiful natural sights, an abundance of hot water from geothermal sources and as the setting of many Icelandic sagas. Starting in the town Borgarnes, we ride on good trails in a diverse landscape, often crossing rivers and riding along soft river banks. We experience riding in Húsafell forest and on mountain paths between green valleys with stunning views of the surrounding countryside, mighty rivers and glaciers. We visit the famous waterfalls Hraunfossar at the edge of a vast lava field and at the old homestead Reykholt. Borgarfjörður offers many top-notch swimming pools, allowing us to go for a swim every evening. We stay at the Community Center Logaland in the picturesque valley Reykholtsdalur during the whole tour, so instead of having to pack every morning, we drive short distances to the horses.

This tour has a free running herd of horses

Experience the diversity of the Icelandic horse in its natural environment, far from civilization, and how Icelanders travelled in the old days with a herd of free-running horses. Every rider gets the chance to try 2 or 3 different horses each day, which develops riding skills.

If you want to get away and experience beauty and hospitality then this is the place to visit. The hotel is eco friendly, the horses are treated very well and the guides are friendly and knowledgeable about the horses and the countryside. The food is good too.



7 days and 6 nights. 6 days on horseback.

Availability & Price

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Riding distance

Ca. 185 km, or 25-38 km (5-8 hours) per day.



English speaking guide, riding and safety equipment and transfer from/to Reykjavik.

1 night in a guesthouse (2-4 beds per shared room with shared facilities), 5 nights sleeping bag accommodation in the Community Center Logaland in shared rooms.

Full board (traditional Icelandic home cooking).


What to bring

Good shoes, comfortable pants (riding pants not necessary), gloves and a buff is recommended and if you want to bring a camera, please bring a small waist bag as backpacks cannot be taken on horseback.

See more detailed information here


Day 1: Arrival

The tour starts in the evening. Tour members who arrive the same day to Iceland should take the shuttle bus Flybus ( from the airport to the final bus station BSÍ in Reykjavík. We will greet you at the bus station or at your hotel/ guesthouse in Reykjavik between 17.30- 18.00 and drive you to our farm Vellir near the village Hveragerði.  We will get to know each other during the dinner at Hotel Eldhestar and meet for a detailed description of the tour after dinner. You will spend the night at Guesthouse Eldhestar.

Day 2: Borgarnes – Midfossar Fall

The bus takes us to Borgarnes in West Iceland, where we start riding from the stables just outside the town on good riding trails. We have a beautiful view of the countryside of Borgarfjördur as we continue across a bridge, named Ferjubakkabrú. We pass by the Agricultural University of Iceland in Hvanneyri. This is where a famous stallion, Ófeigur from Hvanneyri 818, was born. We then ride toward Midfossar Falls. From there, we have an unobstructed view of all Borgarfjördur, weather permitting. After the day’s ride, we will go for a swim in Hreppslaug Pool. It was built in 1928. From there, we will drive to the Community Centre Logaland, where we will have plenty of room for everyone. We will stay at Logaland for the next 5 nights.

Riding distance: 25 km.

Day 3: Midfossar Falls – Logaland

We start from Midfossar Falls and ride along Mt. Hestfjall, past Hestur Farm in Borgarfjördur. This farm is a famous homestead in Iceland and one of the State’s experimental farms. We ride across Grímsá River and along its banks. From there we ride along the sands and banks of Reykjadalsá River. We continue into Reykholtsdalur Valley and through the village of Kleppjárnsstadir and to Logaland. From there it is a 5-minute drive to Kleppjárnslaug Pool and its good hot pots and steam bath.

Riding distance: 36 km

Day 4: Logaland – Húsafell

We ride out from Logaland into Reykholtsdalur Valley. We are on a good gravel road at first. Later, we are on a very beautiful riding path along the banks of Reykjadalsá River. We will cross this river about 10 times. We then ride along old and good riding trails to Húsafell. We go through Húsafell Forest. This is about a 1-hour ride. We dismount at Húsafell Swimming Pool. It is the most popular swimming pool in the area. It has two hot pots and a water slide. After our swim, we drive to Logaland.

Riding distance: 34 km

Day 5: Kalmarstunga – Húsafell

We drive to Kalmarstunga and ride around Strútur Mountain. The ride takes 4-5 hr. We then ride to Húsafell Forest and through it to the old Húsafell Farm. There, we will keep the horses. We will then drive back to Húsafell Swimming Pool. After a refreshing swim, we will drive to the picturesque Hraunfossar Waterfalls and from there to Reykholt in Reykholtsdalur valley. Reykholt is cultural centre past and present, a farm with a church and rectory and one of Iceland´s main historic sites as it was the homestead of Snorri Sturluson, a famous medieval historian, politician and chieftain. We will look around this location, and you will have a chance to go to the museum and church.

Riding distance: 30 km

Day 6: Húsafell – Flókadalur

We will ride the same trail as on Day 3, except we will experience the view and beauty of Borgarfjördur differently. Later, we will ride past Kópareykir. From there, we will ride over Brennistadaháls Ridge. From there, we will enjoy a unique view across Reykholtsdalur Valley and West Iceland. When we go down that side, we will see across Flókadalur Valley. We will leave the horses behind at Brennistadir and drive to the nearest swimming pool, the one at Kleppjárnsstadir, or another pool. We will overnight at Logaland, as usual.

Riding distance: 28 km

Day 7: Brennistadir in Flókadalur – Borgarfjardarbraut

We ride down into Flókadalur Valley along the river (Flókadalsá, often called Flóka). There a good riding trail and the beautiful and grassy landscape will stir the emotions we experience when riding along a beautiful river like Flóka. We will then ride through the Varmalaekar countryside and past Varmalaekjarmúli, a hill that is 350 m high. The riding trail is good, and it is a thrill for Eldhestar’s guests to ride their favourite horses on the last day of the tour. The herd of horses will not follow since we may not take free running horses along Flóka River. We then load the horses into trailers. We get on a bus and head to Reykjavik where the tour ends.

Riding distance: 24 km

Please note:
Dinner on the last evening is not included.