Even though no news has appeared on Eldhestar’s homepage since the end of January, a lot has happened here the past two months. Many guests have visited us. Overnight stays in the hotel reached new peaks in February and March.

Turning to highlights, Eldhestar took part in a performance series meet, known as Sprettur’s Amateur Division. The competition consists of 16 rounds, with 5 competitors in each round. Participants compete in all main events, such as Tolt (T3), Four gaits, Five gaits, as well as Slack reins tolt (T2) and flying pace.  Four of Eldhestar’s employees made up the team: Ida Thorborg, Helga Gísladóttir, Cora Coovals and Hródmar Bjarnason, as well as our neighbour Sabine Girke (see photos). We did not win, but we kept our right to compete next year, and we will no doubt be stronger in a year. Our trainer was Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson and Our supporter team was very colourful!

About mid-March, we received breeding mares at the farm, along with their foals. At this time of year, we start getting to know the young horses. The foals stay inside for 5-7 days, where we teach them the basics, like getting used to people, being led, having their hooves cared for, etc. Moments like these stir and shape the breeder’s expectations about what kind of horses these foals will be. No doubt, this group will include many good riding horses and possibly future competition horses for the company and other interested people. We will let the photos speak for themselves…