The summer season begins!

Some days ago participants on our last winter riding tour “Riding Tours and Riding Course” enjoyed a morning ride in sunny spring weather before returning to Denmark, and tomorrow we will welcome our first guests in this year’s summer season!

They will be riding for 3 days in the fascinating landscape of the volcano Hengill on the tour “Around the Volcano”, enjoying nature that  just awakens in green valleys with views of black lava and still snow-covered mountains. Already next week another “Around the Volcano” tour will start, followed by the first tour into the beautiful valley Thórsmörk starting on May 28th. The first “Best of Eldhestar” tour will also start in May, covering some of the most popular areas in the Southwest.

We are very busy preparing for the summer, training our horses to get them into shape for the long tours and making sure all the equipment will be ready. It is always an exciting time in May when we welcome about 200 horses back from their long winter vacation and also get to know some new ones. Of course we are also welcoming our summer staff members, many of them returning back and already well known.

We are looking forward to the warmer days, bright summer nights and all the time spent with our guests and the horses in the outdoors!