No other season in Iceland is so intense and powerful as the winter. The wind is stronger, waterfalls freeze and mountains turn white. We are in the middle of winter and it has been kind to us so far. We have cold temperatures but barely storms. We enjoy the crispy air with almost daily beautiful sunrises and skies glowing in orange and pink. There has been many lucky nights where the sky gave us an impressive show of the Aurora Borealis.

Our horses are enjoying the weather just as much. Wintertime might be their favorite time of the year. They are playing in the field and are happily joining our tours. The sound of the snow cracking under their hooves while riding in the sunset is an experience that will stay with you.

We have switched some of our horses that have been home to some that have been on holiday. We are getting them in shape for our guests joining the first Northern Lights Tour of the year. If you are interested in experiencing the Icelandic winter from horseback, join our Northern Lights Tour. We have spots available on the 23rd of February, the 18th of March and the 8th of April. 

If you prefer the summer over the winter for riding, we offer a variety of tours in the summer. However, the tours are getting booked quickly these days. Luckily we still have a few spots available on certain tours, like Tour 19 – Sprengisandur. The tour is starting on the 9th of July and the 18th of July. You ride either from the south to the north of Iceland or the opposite. The riding days are between 5 to 10 hours and close to 300 km is covered in 6 days. We bring up to 70 horses with us on the tour. Sprengisandur in the middle of Iceland running from the south to the north and is one of the oldest horse trails in Iceland. The Sprengisandur is perfect for experienced riders who want to challenge themselves in one of the most remote places of Iceland. 

If you would like the same riding days, but with less kilometers, Tour 20 – Kjölur is a good alternative. The Kjölur trail is going from the south to the north between the glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull. In the middle of Kjölur is Hveravellir. A natural hot spring that you can bath in and relax the muscles after the riding day. We have multiple dates still available for this summer.

We look forward to seeing many of you at our hotel, guesthouse and our riding tours both summer and winter.

The Eldhestar Team