This fall, our farm offers you many experiences and activities that add more depth and fullness to life. Imagine beautiful autumn colours – yellow and yellow-brown covering moss, grass, bushes, and trees. Here you find harmony between the colours in the landscape and the colours of our horses.

Speaking of our horses, the onset of winter thickens their coat. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell them apart, especially if some 30 black horses are standing in front of you.

In the autumn, we start breaking in and training our breeding horses. Before, this very pleasant work starts, there are certain expectations for the future. Now these next few weeks will show whether these expectations are met or not. New ones can emerge and of course other expectations can fade.

But so far, after working with our 3-4 year olds for 4 weeks, our beliefs are still strong… and we are looking forward to the next several months.

These last weeks, almost all our long-tour horses have been on vacation. For all of them, this vacation lasts from 4 to 8 months.

In mid-October, Iceland’s horseshoeing championship was held at Eldhestar. Many people came to watch it.

The winner was Geert Cornelis. He started his career here at Eldhestar. You might say that we taught him to shoe properly! Nevertheless, he has obviously become a better farrier after launching his career. 😊

Please, take a look

Our brochure for 2022 is now posted on Eldhestar’s website: (Brochures 2022). We still offer the greatest variety of riding tours in Iceland.

We are looking forward to a good winter and a good year. People have already started booking for 2022, and some of our tours are already fully booked.

If you need more information about the tours, please email us. We are always here to help.

Please note: Eldhestar is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on our trips this  winter,  spring and next summer. 

The Eldhestar Team