We at Eldhestar hope that you and your family and friends are staying healthy and safe. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge effect on all of us, our communities, and our world. Iceland’s early and continuing handling of COVID-19 has been successful. The COVID -19 pandemic reached its peak on the 8th of April. The last week in April and beginning of May saw only between 0-2 new cases per day and no cases last three days (www.covid.is).

The first slackening of bans on gathering came as scheduled on the 4th of May. The number of people allowed to gather has now increased from 20 to 50 people. Small businesses are open and the schools as well. The next slackening will be the 25th of May.

We hope that the countries managing their fight with the pandemic well will open their borders to each other. These countries include Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and perhaps others. The Nordic countries have been discussing resuming flights between themselves and Iceland. If that happens, Eldhestar will launch its programmes shortly after that – hopefully in the second half of June. Of course, this depends entirely on the authorities in Iceland and other countries.

Recent positive news from the health authorities makes us optimistic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created chaos everywhere in the world. COVID-19 has severely damaged the tourism industry. No revenue has come in since mid-March, and all companies’ reserves are nearly empty.   

At Eldhestar we do our best to meet all our customers’ wishes.  Our hope is that you stay with us and keep your bookings. Of course, our accounting system has recorded your payment and booking, but if you would like confirmation, we can provide you with a credit voucher. Its amount will be the same as you paid for your trip. You can use this voucher for the next 18 months.

More importantly, we make rebooking easy for you. Everyone who has already booked a trip with Eldhestar this spring or summer, can either rebook it later in the summer at no charge from Eldhestar. You can also rebook your trip for 2021 for the same price, as many of our customers have already done!  
The dates for 2021 are now on our website: https://eldhestar.is/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Tour-Dates-2021.pdf  
We will also assist you in finding another date and/or another trip if you run into travel obstacles.

We still believe that the best way to relax after the stress of COVID-19 is to schedule an absorbing experience – a getaway to something different and engaging.  A riding tour in Iceland’s beautiful nature with unique horses will surely capture your imagination. Riding our horses will keep you very much in the present. This is what Iceland does, and we at Eldhestar offer you this with great pleasure and joy.

Stay inspired. Rebook – it’s easy!

The following tours and departure dates will probably not take place:

  1. Tour 9G/H – Around the Volcano – departures: 11th of June.
  2. Tour 8C – Best of Eldhestar – departure:  5th of June.
  3. Tour 10 – Þórsmörk – departure: 5th of June.
  4. Tour 11 – Krýsuvík and the Blue Lagoon – departure: 9th of June.
  5. Tour 12 – Thingvellir & Lake Thingvallavatn – departure: 2nd of June.
  6. Tour 14 – The Volcano Hekla – departure: 14th of June.

We have the following dates open for those who want to come later this summer:

  1. Tour 9G/H – Around the Volcano – departures: 23rd of August and 1st and 8th of September.
  2. Tour 8C – Best of Eldhestar – departures:  All departures from 21st of July.
  3. Tour 10 – Þórsmörk – departures: 29th of August and 5th of September.
  4. Tour 11 – Krýsuvík and the Blue Lagoon – departure: 23rd of August.
  5. Tour 12 – Thingvellir & Lake Thingvallavatn – departure: 10th of July and 6th of August.

Our Newsletter later in May will present information on our riding tours in the second half of June. 

Until then, we hope you and your family stay healthy and safe.