My team and I wish all of you a Happy New Year!
The title of this newsletter refers to two important matters that Icelanders and the entire world face.

The industry of harvesting blood from pregnant mares has provoked a lot of discussion among Icelanders. It involves taking blood from these mares for the production of PMSG hormone, a stimulant to increase the fertility of pigs. The frequency of the blood taking is once a week for eight weeks – about 4 to 5 litres at a time. According to science, this amount taken from the mares, is too much in too short time. Horses suffer during this process. Videos of this blood taking have also been released. They show horse handlers using very brutal methods.

Eldhestar emphasises that government authorities put a stop to all operations involving bad treatment, mistreatment, and abuse of animals. A parliamentary bill banning blood mare farms has been introduced in Althingi. Eldhestar urges Althingi to pass the bill.

The community surrounding the Icelandic horse is not limited to Icelanders but involves people throughout the world. Interests involving the Icelandic horse do not solely concern one company and few individual farmers in Iceland but reach much farther.

The Icelandic horse is highly respected worldwide. Under the best circumstances in Iceland, the facilities and people’s treatment of horses are exemplary, in accordance with law and good morality. The Icelandic horse has been part of Icelandic society for centuries. It is a faithful friend and companion, protector, and joy-giver. We must always protect it and show our appreciation and respect.

We truly hope that Althingi will pass laws stopping these operations! This will hopefully be a landmark for the blood mare farming.

People knowledgeable about the recent surge in the COVID-19 pandemic think that it may be a turning point. This new variant of the virus infects ever more people at the same time as vaccinations proceed smoothly. Immunity could therefore develop over the next several months. This will hopefully be a landmark for the coronavirus. We are therefore optimistic that 2022 will be a good year for travel, and we look forward to welcoming all who choose Iceland as their destination this year.

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Please note: Eldhestar is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on our trips this winter, spring, and summer. 

The Eldhestar Team