Our youngsters born in 2013 recently completed their basic training, a group of promising mares and geldings who are eager to learn.

They spent about 8 weeks at the farm and have now returned to our herd, happy to meet with their friends for another year of playing in the freedom of large meadows.  This allows our young horses to further develop both physically and mentally before their training continues.  It is amazing to see how much stronger and more mature they return!

Some of them will join our herd of tour horses, others will be sold.


Their  fathers are well known, highly judged first prize stallions:

Erpur frá Völlum – F: Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli (total score 8.41) / M: Fiðla frá Stóra-Vantsskarði

Moli frá Völlum – F: Kappi frá Kommu (total score 8,51) / M: Hiða frá Halakoti

Sinfónía frá Völlum – F: Seiður frá Flugumýri (total score 8,69) / M: Kátina frá Flugumýri

Vallarsól frá Völlum – F: Álfur frá Selfossi (total score 8,46) / M:  Náttsól frá Fellsmúla

Hvammur frá Völlum – F: Álfur frá Selfossi / M: Ópal frá Hvammi

Hremsa frá Völlum –  F: Glæsir frá Litlu-Sandvík (total score 8,11) / M: Bíra frá Svínafelli

Iðja frá Völlum – F: Þeyr frá Akranesi (total score 8,55) / M: Gleði frá Áslandi

Elmur frá Völlum – F: Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli (total score 8.41) / M: Elding frá Njálsgerði


As promised earlier this autumn, here are some pictures!


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