In Fast Pace towards the Summer

Spring is here!



We finally got over the unpredictable winter and almost all of the snow on the farm has melted. Here in Iceland we celebrate the first day of summer on the first Thursday after April 18, which is the ‘official’ first day of summer and a public holiday. Every single day the daylight hours are increasing from around 15 hours in April to 18 hours in May. The people‘s mood is brightening up after the long and dark winter while the weather is acting in our favour and gives us mild and sunny days. In this magical time of the year nature starts awakening and bringing back Iceland‘s blaze of colour: Spring flowers like crocuses and Easter lilies bloom at the roadside and the birds chirp. Even the puffins and golden plovers return to breed along our coasts. The most beautiful thing spring brings to our farm are our foals! We are watching the mares and are impatiently waiting for their first foal to see the light of day. Moreover we are in the middle of the long tour preparation: The horses, who love those tours as much as we do, get trained for long distances. In Iceland we call it „rekstur“ to let the whole herd run freely a few kilometers on the trails along our meadows. This lap around the fields is definitely one of the favorite tasks for those who ride behind the herd of more then 100 horses!  If you want to experience the amazing atmosphere of an Icelandic spring and see those spectacles, you‘re welcome to book a Short Tour with us!

Winter weather

Tour Dates 2018-2019

The dates for the Shorter Tours from September 2018 until April 2019 are now online!

The following tours are now open for booking, you find detailed information and dates on the tour pages:

Winter Riding Course – 3 or 5 days

Northern Lights Grand Tour – 5 days

Northern Lights Tour – 3 days

You find the overview of all our tour dates here.

As before, our most popular tours Natures Treasures and Riders Pleasures (3 or 4 days) and Volcano Contrasts (2 days) can be booked on the day you prefer from mid September to mid May, please contact us for availability.

We look forward to welcoming you at Eldhestar!

NEW TOUR 2018 – The Valleys of Borgarfjörður


The Valleys of Borgarfjörður in West Iceland – June 16

In summer 2018, we will offer a new tour in one of the most beautiful area of Iceland, on scenic trails which have not before part been part of our longer tours.

We will ride 6 days with a herd of free running horses in the beautiful district Borgarfjörður in West Iceland, which is known for some of Iceland´s most spectacular natural sights and also for many thermal pools. We ride through green valley and along mighty rivers, and relax in thermal water in the evening.

Only one departure on June 16th!

You find more detailed information on the tour page!

New Brochure 2018

Eldhestars new brochure  for 2018 can now be downloaded, for the English brochure please click here.

We would like to point out that we offer a wide variety of Shorter Tours in autumn, winter, and spring. As in the past years, our popular tours Tour 8e Northern Lights Grand Tour and Tour 30 Winter Riding Course will be operated in the period from October to April. We have also updated our program which is designed for families with varying interest, Tour 33 Family Vacation.

You find the detailed tour descriptions and dates on the tour pages and the prices here.

Our summer program now includes 17 different shorter, longer and wilderness tours including 2 to 7 days on horseback. We are very excited to announce that in summer 2018 we will offer a new Longer Tour in West Iceland called Tour 18 Valleys of Borgarfjördur.

Of course non-riders are very welcome at Hotel Eldhestar, which is an ideal choice for guests who would like to stay close to the most beautiful natural sights of South Iceland.  There is plenty to do and see in the area, several tours and activities can be booked with pickup directly from the hotel and we offer transportation to Reykjavik free of charge for our guests. We have recently launched a new website,

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. We are happy to assist you and look forward to welcoming you in 2018!

For the German brochure please click here.
For the Swedish brochure please click here.
For the Danish brochure please click here.

Sónata and Vallarsól frá Völlum scored high at breeding show

In July, our young mares Sónata frá Völlum and Vallarsól frá Völlum were presented to the judges at a breeding show in Hella, and we are incredibly proud of the high scores they received!

Sónata received First Prize with a total score of 8.11, an impressive result as she is 4-gaited and only 5 years old. Her score for ridden abilities is 8.13 with 9 for tölt, spirit and general impression, and she got 8.07 for conformation. The rider was Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson, who became world champion in Tölt T1 in the Netherlands a few weeks later. Sónata is a daughter of Hrannar frá Flugumýri, one of the highest judged stallions with total score of 8.85, her mother is Kátina frá Flugumýri.

Vallarsól, a very powerful 4 year old mare, also got an excellent score with 7.93 for ridden abilities with four gaits shown, and a total evaluation of 7.89. Perhaps not surprisingly, she received 9 for spirit. Vallarsól´s father is the famous Álfur frá Selfossi, her mother is Náttsól frá Fellsmúli.

It will be exciting to see how these two young mares develop in the future.

Ida Thorborg, who got her education at the University of Horse Equine Sciences in Hólar and is responsible for training all our young horses, did an excellent job preparing Sónata and Vallarsól for their first breeding show!

Both mares are owned by Hróðmar Bjarnason and Sigurjón Bjarnason.


Summer feeling

This time of the year, the days no longer turn to nights and the twilight between sunset and sunrise is still bright enough to read a newspaper. Summer has come! For us, this means the beginning of the long-tour season. We venture further away from civilization and immerse ourselves and our horses in unspoiled nature and spectacular surroundings. The first three-day tours have gone out and come back and the first tour with free-running herd has left the farm to explore the beautiful Þórsmörk area. The weather is as capricious as to be expected in Iceland; wonderful, warm and sunny days alternate with rain, fog and brisk breezes. During the last week, the scenery in the lowlands has changed from barren and yellow to lush and green and the lupines have started to cover the country in their purple veil. We are excited about all the upcoming tours and adventures and are looking forward to introducing our guests to this country of dramatic opposites.

Eldhestar Local 2017

First Signs of Summer