Construction Progress & Christmas Preparations

Only about two months ago we started with construction work, now the wooden structure is already finished and the walls are up. The roof will follow soon, hopefully before the first heavy snow. In May 2016, the new part of Hotel Eldhestar will be opened with 10 more comfortable rooms.

Right now the first snowflakes are already dancing in the wind and the mountains look like sugar-coated, but the sun is shining in between so the real Icelandic winter might not arrive within the next few days. The horses don´t mind the cold, they prefer to be outside playing with some wind shelter and good hey. Our riding guests don´t mind the cold either, they usually come back with a smile from rides between light and dark, well equipped with warm overalls.

While it is getting dark and cold outside the most enjoyable time of the year has started inside, with nice Christmas decoration, candle light and cozy evenings in front of the fire place. In the end of November and beginning of December it is tradition in Iceland to attend at least one Christmas buffet, and companies often invite their employees. Of course Hotel Eldhestar also offers a nice, traditional Christmas dinner and we welcome many Icelandic guests who would like to spend a relaxed weekend in the countryside before the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparation is starting.