For this time of the year, the Icelandic weather lives up to its reputation to change every few minutes and to be kind of rough. Although it presents us a daily mixture of hail, snow, wind and a lot of suns, our guests enjoy the typical Icelandic tours every day. Even when they have to stop, turn “butt to the wind“ and wait for a few minutes for hail to disappear and the sun shines bright again, they will never forget this unique experience. The first share of horses returned from the winter field back home, lost almost all their winter coat and are back in training. Now and then some green grass shows up and catches the horses’ attention because for sure it tastes so much better than the brown coloured winter grass. When we fetch the herd in the morning to bring it from the field to the stable some horses escape from time to time to catch a bite of this treat. The guide then has to gently collect the horses again – a spectacle, which is enjoyed very much by our guests!

On 17th May our first Around the Volcano group starts its three day trip around Hengill, a huge 800 meters high volcano, that is covering an area of about 100 km2 and is still active. With the last eruption, he caused lots of lava fields and hot springs. The tour also leads you along Thingvallavatn, the largest lake in Iceland, which is located in the national park Thingvellir.