The 17th of June, our National Day, is remarkable in the history of Eldhestar. After a three-month battle with Covid-19, we’re finally on our first long riding tour. The first trip this summer is tour No. 16, The Treasures of Borgarfjörður. A group from Denmark (Anna Isbrand’s) has come to us every year since 1991. They are our most loyal guests. We are extremely grateful to them for entrusting us with their health and well-being again, and again, and taking part in this tour. They have now paved the way for our summer tours 2020. Below are some photos of the group taken these last days. We are more optimistic than before, that all our tours booked this summer, will go on as scheduled.

Now our summer starts.

Information for Our Guests

Organized Tours

Our guests get the equipment they will use every day. This includes saddles, saddlebags, water bottles, etc. Guests are responsible for taking care of their equipment and also their luggage. Please bring your luggage to and from the trailer every day.

The distance between the riders while riding will easily be kept.

We have to follow a certain rules when we come to a mountain cabin. Their size differs, so it is important to follow our advice and the tips generally applying in these places.

Please follow these helpful rules:

1. We ask our guests to follow the two-meter rule of social distancing (in halls, kitchens, and dining rooms). The accommodation operator puts up reminders of this at service points, e.g., water taps, dishwashers, toilets and showers.

2. Families and others living in the same home can share rooms for their stay. Others must comply with the two-meter rule in accommodations. The huts will therefore not be fully utilized.

3. Do not share personal equipment/food/beverages with anyone other than your closest travel companions.

4. We encourage our guests to use rubbing alcohol on their hands, especially before and after meals.

5. Toilets and showers:

a. There are facilities at all toilets and showers so that guests can disinfect surfaces, such as door handles and the contact surfaces of the toilets, with rubbing alcohol.

b.  Please maintain two-meter distancing at toilets and showers, e.g., floor lines and two meters between dashes.

c. Since the toilets and showers are side by side in a narrow space, use only every other one or lock one if the number of guests permits.

6. Cooking facilities and dining rooms:

a. Guests will find liquid soap and hand spray at each sink as well as instructions for cleaning up well after using them.

b. The dishcloth and dish towel (tea towel) should be replaced. Each group should have its own set with their group label.

c. If you have access to utensils, remember to wash them before and after use. Each group will bring their utensils and put them in a box after use.

d. Remove all foods, such as coffee, tea, spices, etc. Guests are not allowed to leave food for those who follow.

e. Guests can expect the operator to remind them to disinfect the tables and contact surfaces of chairs before and after cooking and dining.

7. Dispose of garbage in a sealed bag and place it in the dustbin (garbage can) / garbage bowl.

Bus Service – please note:

1. Use every other seat.

2. The labelling for COVID-19 from the State Epidemiologist is at the bus’s entrance.

3. We encourage passengers to use the alcohol dispenser as they enter the car/bus.

4. Please enter through rear doors if they are available.

5. There is no rush. Just walk in slowly, keeping the appropriate distance between you and the next passenger when going in and out.

6. The operator will encourage you to spread out in the car or bus.
7. Leave every other seat empty if possible.

The tour organizer will put at your disposal all equipment necessary for maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of disease between people. In many places, we have access to more cabins if there are many guests on a trip.

One of our main goals on these trips is to keep us all safe and healthy on our way through the wonderful landscape.