A lot happened this August. Most of our tours through mid-August were well booked. We are very thankful to all our guests for coming in these uncertain times. Further down, you will find photos taken on the last Kjölur tour of the summer, which started 15 August. We enjoyed sun and warmth almost every day.

Starting 19 August, the Icelandic government decided that all visitors to Iceland should be tested twice at 4 – 5 days intervals and be quarantined in between. This decision came as a big surprise and caused most of our autumn bookings to disappear.

After this decision, we offered our hotel, Hotel Eldhestar, as a quarantine hotel. Our hotel is ideally suited for this, especially since we can easily divide it into several wings. Also, every room has a door opening directly to the outside. This means that our guests in quarantine are not in any contact with other guests of the hotel and can go hiking and riding during their quarantine time, but must follow strict rules regarding distance to other people.

Changes are expected.

When infections are no longer detected after the second test, we expect the current rules at the border to change back to the previous arrangement. This means that the second scanning will continue, but people will be allowed to move more and will be able to go horseback riding. This change will mean that our tours this autumn and winter will take place as scheduled. 

There is still time to book tours in September, October, and November. We hope you will join us. Here are the open tours:

Tour 7 – Volcano Contrast Winter Program

Tour 8a/b – Nature’s Treasures & Rider’s Pleasures Winter Program

Tour 8d – Northern Lights Tour

Tour 8e – Northern Lights Grand Tour

Tour 30a/b – Winter Riding Course

During these tours, you will stay at our lovely countryside hotel. You can read more about it, our focus, and the theme related to the hotel’s operation here – Hotel Eldhestar

As before, our main goal on these tours is to keep us all safe and healthy on our way through Iceland’s wonderful landscape.