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We are happy to have our young horses inside again now, they brighten up everybody’s day with their fluffy winter coats, big eyes and curious minds.

The older ones (4 and 5-year-olds), we started training again after their summer break and are happy that they did not forget anything they learned last year. Now they are even taller and stronger and make their trainers very happy with nice tölt movements and motivation to learn.

The younger ones (3-year-olds) started getting used to bridles, saddles and being long. We are very excited to see them under the rider for the first time soon, they look very promising so far.

These are some pictures from last week of our 3 year olds, in comparison to pictures from winter 2015.


Endill frá Völlum: 

Sire: Kiljan frá Steinnesi

Dam: Elding frá Njálsgerði

Forkur frá Völlum: 

Sire: Glæsir frá Litlu-Sandvík

Dam: Fiðla frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði

Hugða frá Völlum: 

Sire: Gangster frá Árgerði

Dam: Heiður frá Hjallalandi

Orka frá Völlum: 

Sire: Ölnir frá Akranesi

Dam: Ópal frá Hvammi

Seyðir frá Völlum: 

Sire: Kiljan frá Steinnesi

Dam: Stella frá Hjallanesi 1

Kjalar frá Völlum: 

Sire: Kiljan frá Steinnesi 

Dam: Kátína frá Flugumýri II

Foals 2018

NN frá Völlum

Stallion after Ópal frá Hvammi and Álfgrímur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum IS2011187660

Red pinto (19/5)

NN frá Völlum

mare after Isabella frá Midkot and Viti frá Kagaðarhóli IS2007156418 

Black (29/5)

NN frá Völlum

mare with star after Stella frá Hjallanesi 1 and Lukku-Láki frá Stóra-Vatnsskarði IS2009157651

Red (30/5)

NN frá Völlum

mare after Heiður frá Hjallalandi and Álfgrímur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum IS2011187660

Red pinto (3/6)

NN frá Völlum

mare after Kátína frá Flugumýri II and Gangster frá Árgerði IS2006165663  

Bay (7/6)