Stort utbud av ridturer på Island

1 timmes ridning året runt – perfekt för familjer, grupper och gäster med egen bil som vill få ett första intryck av den isländska hästen.

Turer på 13:30 & 14:45
ISK 8.000

1,5-2 timmars ridning året runt – en ridtur på fina ridstigarna över ängar, lavafält och små åar, passar alla nivåe – morgon och eftermiddag!

Turer på 9:00 & 14:00 /
upphämtning 8:00 & 13:00
ISK 12.800

2,5-3 timmars ridning året runt – upplev en stor variation av landskap, heta källor och intryck, passar alla nivåe.

Turer på  9:00 / upphämtning 8:00
ISK 14.800

5-6 timmars året runt – uppleva det vackra området som öppnar upp sig mellan bergen och havet, passar alla nivåe.

Turer på 9:00 / upphämtning 8:00
ISK 22.500

1.5-2 hours riding & 5 hours sightseeing all year round – riding through farmland and sightseeing to the famous natural sights in South Iceland – for riders of all levels.

Tour at 9:00 / pick up at 8:00
ISK 23.300

2.5-3 hours all year round – extraordinary environment and great trails for riding “tölt”, with stunning views at  the mighty Ölfusá river delta  – for experienced riders!

Tour at 9:00 / pick up at 8:00
ISK 15.500

1 hour riding & thermal pool winter season – short tour on an adorable Icelandic horse and visit in the local thermal swimming pool with hot tub and steam bath – for riders of all levels.

Tour at 9:00 / pick up at 8:00
ISK 11.800

1.5-2 hours riding & lunch all year round –  interesting tour to dwellings of the “hidden people” with stories about elves, ideal for families – for riders of all levels.

Tour at 9:00 / pick up at 8:00
ISK 13.500

3-4 days riding all year round –  a variety of great day tours and comfortable accommodation at the Eco-certified Hotel Eldhestar.

Summer: Every Thursday and Friday – from EUR 990
Winter: Every day – from EUR 795

6 days riding –  new tour in a beautiful area in West Iceland, with a herd of free running horses and the opportunity to visit a thermal pool every day.

Departure: June 16, 2018
EUR 2.195

6 days riding  –  stunning contrast between the highland deserts Kjölur and Sprengisandur and glaciers, with a free running herd – for experienced riders.

Departure: July 16 and 25, 2018
EUR 2.295

6 days riding – adventure on an ancient riding trail crossing Iceland´s highlands, with a herd of free running horses – for experienced riders.

Departure: June 17 & 25, July 14 & 22, August 6 & 15, 2018.
EUR 2.360

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"Best day of Iceland"

Went on the “Valley of hot springs” day tour with my two tennage daughters. We are all very inexperienced hosre riders, but the horses were very calm and friendly. The tour was in a very beautiful landscape, but sometimes on narrow tracks on the hills side. You had better trust the horses in these cases. But they seamed to know their way…

Lunch at the hot spring with a refreshing hot bath in the small mountain creek. Unbelievable!

Very friendly and helpfull staff as well!

“Amazing tour in the wilderness”

Went on the kjölur tour – one week on horseback in the wilderness. It was amazing! Nice people, good food, fun horses and fantastic unspoiled nature. Will come back every year!! 🙂

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