New Brochure 2016

Eldhestars new brochure  for 2016 can now be downloaded on the website, please click here!

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In summer 2016 we will offer a new day tour for experienced riders, Tour 6b Volcano Hengill & Hot Spring Valley. This tour is an extended version of the popular Hot Springs Tour Reykjadalur Valley, including more of the fascinating area of  Volcano Hengill and of course the opportunity of taking a relaxing bath in the warm stream.

There will be a new version of Tour 15 Volcano Hekla, now including 5 days on horseback. The idea was to offer a tour with all features of a Long Tour such as a free running herd most of the time, riding distances up to 40 km a day and great environment but partly also at a leisurely pace and within a total travelling time of 7 days.  

Tour 2b which was known as “The Pot Luck Tour” will be slightly changed and operated under the new name “The Siggi Tour”, named after our well known neighbor, the very original Icelandic farmer  and horseman Siggi :).

The winter program has already started with the first Northern Lights Tour, and even in mid September we could observe this extraordinary natural phenomena dancing in the sky above our farm. We will adjust some of the winter tours around popular horse events in South Iceland, such as the Meistaradeild Champions League in Horse Sports and will inform you on the website and our facebook site. 

Hotel Eldhestar now offers 27 rooms, including a new, large family room with five high quality beds from the Swedish manufacturer Hästens of and private facilities. The new spacious, bright dining- and conference room was opened in May and until next spring Hotel Eldhestar will be enlarged, offering 10 new, comfortable rooms.

Please note that we will change our morning pick up time from October 1 to 8:00-8:30!

Last but not least: Eldhestar was founded in the year 1986 and will be celebrating the 30. anniversary in the upcoming season!

Bæklingur 2016 forsíða enska

Summer has arrived with the first Long Tour


The long tour season has started with the first tour “Golden Highlights of the South” departing on June 7. The tour Volcano Hekla is going on at the moment and today the first highland tour Kjölur has left. It has become quite busy at our farm with summer staff arriving and up to about 200 horses in our paddocks and fields while always some of our 350 horses are out on long tours or relaxing between tours.

We are having a bit of a tough start this season as summer is several weeks delayed. There were still hardly any signs of spring in late May, which was the coldest since 1979. Early foals had to be taken inside for their first days, we had to take food for the horses on our tours and feed them hay much longer than we are used to.

Last winter was unusually hard with extreme weather conditions and heavy snow storms from November to May which caused roads to be closed many times. Highland roads open later this year than usual as most of them are still covered in snow, which was “more than in living memory” in the highlands, according to the Iceland Touring Association.

As a result, some areas we are riding in on our multi day tours cannot be passed at the moment, either because there is still some snow or because of melting water. We therefore had to adjust or first “Golden” tour, riding in beautiful Thjórsárdalur valley and at the Beach instead of in the highlands. The first Wilderness tours might be affected as well, but the weather forecast looks favorable and we always find great riding trails instead of the ones that might be impassable.

After some warm, sunny days we could almost see the grass growing and now, when the days are the longest with stunning light conditions, summer has finally arrived!

On the pictures you see some impressions from the “Golden” tour.

Tour Dates Summer 2016

The dates for our riding tours in summer 2016 are online!

If you would like to start planning your riding vacation in Iceland year you find the dates on the here!

The price list is here.



Eldhestar Local Staff Competition

The second Eldhestar Local tölt staff competition took place in our riding hall on May 7th. This event which was held for the first time last year is a great opportunity for our staff to show their training horses and get some feedback from two judges.  Besides, it was a lot of fun to take part in a competition, for some of the 18 participants for the first time, and end the day with BBQ together.

Like last year each participant had to ride individually the T1 program: Slow tölt, then changing direction and ride slow tölt on the short sides and fast tölt on the long sides and finally one round in fast tölt. In the finals, this programm had to be shown in both directions.

We congratulate the winner Anna Kronhed with Skörungur frá Kánastöðum!

The results were the following:


1. Anna Kronhed, Sweden / Skörungur frá Kánastöðum
F. Garpur frá Auðholtshjáleigu, M. Kolskör frá Viðborðsseli
Owner. Eldhestar

2. Corinna Frahm, Germany / Suðri frá Reykjavik
F. Suðri frá Holtsmúla, M. Blika frá Syðra-Skörðugili
Owner: Eldhestar

3. Jóhanna Bettý Durhuus, Iceland / Steini frá Jórvík
F. Gnýr frá Árgerði, M. Geirlaug frá Voðmúlastöðum
Owner Jóhanna Bettý Durhuus

4. Simone Scherl, Germany / Skjóni frá Gunnlaugsstöðum
F. Blær frá Torfunesi, M. Fóstra frá Reykjavík
Owner: Eldhestar

5. Nina Blåsvær Rasmussen, Denmark / Birna frá Ásbrú
F. Ás frá Ármóti, M. Dögun frá Feti
Owner: Eldhestar


6. Marianne Irina Giesswein, Austria / Sörli frá Sauðanesi
F. Kjarkur frá Sauðanesi, M. Fluga frá Hafnarnesi
Owner: Irina Fjóla Jónsdóttir

7. Mirjam Wolfschlag, Germany / Faldur frá Hellu
Owner: Eldhestar

8. Marieke Huurenkamp, Netherlands / Mar frá Grásteini
F: Ægir frá Litlalandi, M: Sara frá Hvammi
Owner: Eldhestar

9. Lina Jakobsson, Sweden /Vakur frá Völlum
F. Þokki frá Kýrholti, M. Gunnvör frá Hvítarholti
Owner: Lina Jakobsson

10. Atli Már Atlasson, Iceland / Roði frá Strönd
F. Roði frá Strönd II, M. Halta-Blesa frá Strönd II
Owner: Eldhestar

All Results

11. Lea Wiesendanger, Germany / Víðir frá Flagbjarnarholti
F. Tónn frá Torfunesi, M. Glóð frá Frostastöðum
Owner: Eldhestar

12. Nicolas Gadanyi, Germany / Bara-Golíat,
F. Toppur frá Eyjólfsstöðum, M. Stygga-Skjóna frá Uxahrygg
Owner: Eldhestar

13. Ida Thorborg, Denmark / Hrist frá Völlum
F. Þröstur frá Hvammi, M. Gunnvör frá Hvítárholti
Owner: Hróðmar Bjarnason

14. Yngve Söderstrand, Sweden / Breki frá Brún
F. Ægir frá Móbergi
Owner: Eldhestar

15. Hlöðver Ólafur Ólafsson, Iceland / Laufa frá Minni-Borg
F. Samúel frá Þjótanda, M. Lady frá Reykjavík
Owner: Hlöðver Ólafur Ólafsson

15. Daniel Liptak, Hungary / Hljómur frá Litlu-Gröf
F. Hreimur frá Flugumýri II, M. Álfdís frá Litlu-Gröf
Owner: Eldhestar

17. Lisa Thelin, Sweden / Ísabella frá Miðkoti
F: Orri frá Þúfu, M. Mánadís frá Miðkoti
Owner: Eldhestar

18. Lina Herrmann, Germany / Stjarni frá Fljótshólum
F. Ás frá Breiðholti í Flóa, M. Þula frá Fljótshólum
Owner: Eldhestar

Eldhestar received award “The strongest in Iceland 2014”

Hróðmar Harpa

Eldhestar ehf. has been recognised as one of Iceland‘s strongest companies in 2014 by Creditinfo. Of 34.000 registered companies in Iceland, only 577 fulfill the strict criteria. Eligibility for the award requires the fulfilment of Creditinfo’s strict quality standards, professional requirements and in depth analysis. Eldhestar ehf. is amongst the 1,7% of Icelandic companies that meet these requirements.



New Shape of Hotel Eldhestar

Our Hotel Eldhestar has already taken a new shape with the outer part of the new extension getting finished. The new part really looks spacious with plenty of possibilities in the near future! With electricity being installed we are now thinking of the interior design, looking forward to furnishing the new dining area, office and kitchen.

Winter Training for Horses and Riders

January is an exciting time in horsemanship in Iceland. Riding horses traditionally get a few months break, usually during autumn, and now arrive back at the stables where they are kept for the winter riding season. Horse owners look forward to spending their leisure time with the horses and take part in riding tours, competitions and events organized by horse clubs. Many of them start planning riding tours during next summer, which are often the highlight of the year. Horses need to be trained for competition or highland tours where 30-70 km are covered a day and each rider takes several horses which are running free during the trip. 

Riders of all ages also use the winter time for training and take part in a riding course. Thanks to excellent education of riding instructors in Iceland at the University Hólar this becomes increasingly popular.

Our horses also enjoy their freedom in the herd for several months. Eldhestar owns about 350 horses and we keep 60-80 horses at the farm from September to May. One group of horses just left happily for vacation and another came back from their long autumn break on large pastures and we begin with the winter training.

The group of horses arriving in January is particularly interesting. It always includes many of the new ones that we have bought the year before and we look forward to getting to know them better. A few horses are from our own breeding, which both focuses on gentle, soft tölters for our guests and high class competition horses whose fathers are some of the countries best stallions. Besides, every staff member now gets a horse to train for the “Eldhestar Local” competition which will be held for the second time this spring. It is always nice to see how the horses and riders improve within a few weeks!

If you would like to experience winter training, develop your  riding skills or prepare for next summer’s riding tour we recommend you have a look at our Winter Riding Courses and the Winter Special Riding Course!


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

We wish you all merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Your Eldhestar Team


New Winter Special Program

How about a short winter riding vacation in Iceland?

Eldhestar has previously offered winter packages combining riding tours, practical and theoretical education in our modern, bright riding hall and a comfortable stay with delicious Icelandic specialties at our cozy eco-certified Country Hotel Eldhestar.

We now offer our winter tour RIDING COURSE & RIDING TOURS with a new program and we are very glad to be able to add  a WINTER SPECIAL RIDING COURSE with the well known  German/English speaking  trainer and instructor Hugrún Jóhannsdóttir (March 11-14).  Experienced riders get the chance to develop their riding skills, ride in extraordinary environment and, as a highlight, see some of the best horses and riders at the Champions League in Horse Sports Tölt competition (“Meistaradeild”).

For more information about our winter tours please click here!

Christmas Show

Around mid December, the Icelandic “Jólasveinar” come me out of nearby mount Ingólfsfjall. In Iceland, Christmas is not only celebrated with the usual Red one arriving with the reindeer on Christmas day but also with 13 yule lads, who are actually Christmas trolls. The The first one arrives 13 days before Christmas and every well behaving child might find some little surprise every morning (or a potato, if not behaving…).
This year, the yule lads also visited Eldhestar. Of course they came on horseback, and they gave a VERY impressive performance for our staff and their families & friends!
You can read more about the 13 Christmas trolls and other information about Christmas traditions in Iceland here!