End of summer

For us at Eldhestar, it feels like summer was starting yesterday. But the season is actually ending today with the return of the last long tour, the Golden Highlights of the South. Geert, Annette and Kristin are right now on their way back to the farm with 19 happy guests!

Now autumn is taking its turn with soon the last 3-day tour Around the Volcano and, of course, our annual Sheep Round-up starting the 11th of September.

Some horses are already out on the fields for their well-deserved autumn/winter holidays. Happy time for them!

In the hotel and the office everybody is still busy. Even if the last summer guests are going back home, it is now time to prepare actively the coming winter season, which will start with the first Northern Lights Tour on the 2nd of October.

And good news, we already had the chance to see the first northern lights! It is going to be an exciting autumn!


Winter program 2013-2014

As you can now see it on our web site, our winter program 2013-2014 is set, and we are ready to welcome you!

This year we offer you many new tours. For a half-day, you will have the chance to use the horse to develop your leadership qualities and learn about your body language thanks to the Horse-talk (tour 2g). If you wish to come for a few days and discover the Icelandic winter at the same time as the Icelandic horse, we now offer you different theme programs: Breeding and Riding (tour 31) as well as Culture and Riding (tour 32). And if you want to spend a nice time with all your family, have a look at our Riding Camp (tour 33) and our Family Fun Package (tour 34).

Of course we still offer our usual half-day and day-tours, as well as the short tours.

For more details about these winter opportunities you can go through the pages of our web site, or you can have a look at thewinter brochure 2013-2014.

See you in September for the launch of this exciting new winter season!